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Ly, arily for 

in a rear. relationship, is dedic- 

ated to re Kellfiy, of Birmj , , . D. P. 

,\ r hitficld, of /ashington, D. G. ,both of them descended from the same 
amin Rush and his antecedents jr. is descend- . 

This "dedication" is in no wise made with I of paying my 

debt to , which can never be cancelled, but of ackno my 

great lebt to , as well as to countless others, including 

] ] cousins ■ t aunts. 

A great deal of minutia has been included, traditions, notes 
picked up from many sources, and everything assembled which mi jht serve 
as a clue to any Hush descendant in search of his line of descent. 
There is, also, much repetition, for in families x^here the same names 
are used for generations, this seems necessary for identification. 
The average person in search of a certain Benjamin or William Rush 
should have no difficulty in identifyln , omplier has t 

tried to make clear, : y this tiresome repition, which generation is 
be in of, so that the inexperinced searcher may easily find 
ation he needs, if it is contained herein. 

If any of the descendants of the He v. Grisby Rush do not find 
Lng of value concerning their ox^rn family, lfrt them not blame the 
lier, as it is not from neglect on her part. Every effort has 
made to get in touch with allthe descendants and secure their 
records, since these last four or five generations should have been 
catalogued through persons liv.' oneration. The data con- 

tained in this manuscript was started in 19 IS, has been added to and 
revised many times, and this revision represents all the information 
collected to date. New facts and corrections are coming to light as 
Ion as the interest and research is continued, and as long as folks 
are born, marry and die. Any additional information may be added to 
his cot ' Lvidual. 


'fnave ^cofd^ssSir^as S! anees^of the large num- 
Sr ^Rush's in 1790 North Carolina census 

- The 'ollowlni^nfog.txon was ™ce vai^..^. ^ ^.^ 
iSSTfc! ASf^'o? Lamar, Ho/, who said that he was a 
JSS descendant of Dr Dentin Rush he ^gj-^, ^ 

"Mr. Rush tells me that a. was raise cQnversation drift ed 
his father was Captain of *"? ™Jj£; d -the entire history of the 
to family matters ani he fj^ 1 * *£** direct descendant. 
Dr. BengaminRush lin !'^ fl f ^ e h J as S £ i e Sr Gaston de la Roix, a 
tells me that the original nam % wa ^ ; 1( r£; founder of the Rush 
;ht of Nonoandy, in Prance. H« was the i^ e d the 

family in England. He had ,f°^°^ t in b e Moslems for posses - 
Lion Hearted in his crusade against ^.^ X ^ htln / the King 
sion of the Holy Sepulcher ; For his valian g.^ o^ ^ gave 

K f fiSVfTands ifthel n stronghold To his J™ -^ 
S ^n^re^^ SS famil/was further en- 

nobled^or distinguished services * > the Crown ^ 

Another item of interest, Jjg 11 ^ "^g^. was a W ell-known 

ani Rebecca (Li nco1 ^, ^^^Stlv ' in purchasing an auto S raphei 
wood-carver and sculptor. Recently, in P^ron** g. I?g5 secured 

from rs. . ^'fiU^fchtraotsr'of North Carolina, four 

s£ -Li;'?.- Bf^r— S - : " t ""'~'- :r ' 

hamton Co. Va., 1699. Virginia in 17 18, 560A. 

ITulTXinTLf^lf Instate Reooras of North Carolina, 
Vol. 16, p. ^. . j h Rush are on the lists of 

o, ^Carolina %%£'. ^/Revolution. Aosole m Rush was a 

Pvt. in Lytles'Co. Entered June 21, IfOl. 

Charles Geor :e Rush, son of a Lutheran frc .oil 
b.Lincolnton,N.C, Feb. 8,178 , • '• > > ° ,Ala., 

issue, William, George, Mary, Julia, David, Chas., 
Benjamin, Amanda, Ellen and John Wesley. See Owen's Ala. 
Vk, p. Ili76 

James Rush, of Columbia, S.C. m Martha Ann Pearson, of 
Fairfield Dist.S.C, moved to Ala. l833-k. See : : tfade 
vs Rush V 22 Ala. p. 5&3. 

nomas .lush, Culpeper Co., Va. married Nancy Courtney. 
D.A.R. Mag.V. 55 p.^ • . 

Jeremiah Rush, Northern Week of Virginia, signed resolu- 
t on against the Stamp Act 1766. See Col. Rec. of Va. 

... . Sept. 19 30: Margaret Logan, whose parents 
- from Scotland, moved from New Jersey to Washington Jo. Pa. 
Margaret b. Nov. 17, 1773, married Benjamin 

In Genealogy of the Boone Family, by Hazel A. Spracker, 
1922: Ann Rush m. Neville loon, 1765. p. 323. 

In Thompson Genealogy: /alter Augustus Houson, b. Jan. 23, 
] , address Boston Sta., Ky. farmer, . ov. 6. , aret 
Elizabeth Rush, b. Mar 20, 1859, daughter of Daniel Rush ani [ar- 

1] . ranees Perry, Franklin Co.,N.C, June \ , 

art Records, p. I7I:Bethel Presbyterian 
Church, Payette Co., Ky., ..Ann Rush a jest 

children baptii ; argaret, John, Henry, Martha and Susan 
Rush. Nov. 12, I83 . rs.Ann Rush had. her chili >aptised viz: 
First Marriage Records of Augusta Co., Va., D.A. . 
P. 56: 

.1, , Re eaton to ash; 
June 20, 17-6, Peter Rush to Barbara ■ g •; 

John S. Jenkins r:'a m Fayette Co. Ky., eb. , 

18 18 , Pa tr i c k Ru :: h, Bo r .1 £ ma n . 

John McConnell an ..NLeanor Rush m.I, : , Patrick 
, ondsman. 

Barren Co. Ky. Marriage Records, ■ ' .1st. Society, 
22;: J : 

njamin Rush to Rachel Springer, July Ik, 1803; 
Lydia Rush to Jesse Temple, Nov. 22, l8of. 

. Va Marriage :.c cords: 
Sept. 5, 1787, William Rush to Nancy Crain, William Mason, Min. 
Oct. 13, 1790; Lphraim Rush and Elizabeth Moore " " 
Deck, 1799, Sally Rush to Samuel Garnett; 
June 7, 1808, Sally Rush to John Smith; 

... .. - 

. - .0, 

. . .. 


- • • 

. , ... 


• ; 

May 21, ] >, ush to ilizat lall. 

Bute Co., IT. C. 
. 1775, J 

be Ly, sries, 1758-176 1, 4:119: Benjamin 
3 Lara C. V; , .i chard 


uaker Cenealo 
, 112, o tie Jo. re:: 1 tiipj 

. 19 1772, requested to present to command^ or; 
Sept 18, 1773, condemned his marria society 


, !ush, of Tar River transfered to Con- 

tentea monthly 

ly meeting, Randolph Count--, . .. . - 
Azel C. Rush-Millicent Rus] . "en: 

Eliza Jane born July 19, 1850, Doctor ., born Au . , , 
Josej ., . jZ, Francis ...Ion 

Henr^ ., May 12, 35i|, Geo. Washington Gwyer born 

... ... . volutionary record 

ov. 10,1732. His son Dani '. orn 

. 1769. plete bibler record of 
Rush family. Sign ... 

7a.. -o. Records, i/ol I. p. 23. ..ill of Jos. Peterson, 

Par. Spotsylvania Co., died Feb. 5 17 — .pro . , ?66. 

olliday. Execs. Lons Jas. an co. Peterson. 
. , son James, Joseph and Geor ; , wife 

Swinney; dau. Lucy,wf of Ji . on (or Ederton) j 
endall Peterson. 

jnt ;omerj .0 . . . . be 
of erection 1779 to 1850: 1792-1793* Willie 

bern Country" spoken c arolinians, include i 

Greene Co., Tenn., and other count: stituted the 

State of Franklin. 

. . Taxable: ] . 3 corded 19 Feb. 1773 

in 7 3 7a iiell, Jacob, 9 

Bute Misc. Co. Court Papers, 1765- 1778: Bond, [ush as admini- 

strator of Spence , ov. 1778,2003= enjamin 

Hawkins, witnessed by Th . . -/.Court ] 

Census, If 90, , . .: 

Free Wht. Males . - les All : . ves 

upwards of 16 under 16 yrs. inc. head of family free souls 
Win. Rush, 3 3 5 10 (I) 27:21: Li . o. 

Va. 1758. . ects. 

t., Lo , 935): "A 
hha : a s ] a . , 

They o Tompkinsville, Ky. e? 

-in (who Lnia) said his grandfather, (father of 

is), was also i 

tte Co., Ky., e . , 
Fa trick Ru , sman. 
John V. :Connell an leanor 19, Patrick Rush, 

Franklin Count . . Dnds: 

Frances Perry to burrell Rush 28 June 1 
Mrs. Polly Ferry to Mr. Jesse Re id 1$ Jan. 1822; 
bo Frances Richards, May 3, 1802; 
Anthony A. Person to Elizabeth N. Terrell 12 Dec. 
.jillie Person to Sarah Temperance . , 

ony Person to . ss is 12 -.ay 186 ; 

_ay A. Person to Caroline Davis 6 Dec. I839» Jos. A. Person, 

Line o rs. ./ill Perry, Beaumont, lexas: 

Leonard Rush m Lavica Phillips. Their daughter, orn 

Feb. 19, 179--, died Nov. 2. 1873 was married 1817 to John 
Clearraan, who was born 1791+ in South Carolina, 73. 

ADavid Rush m Mary About I763. Lived in Balti □ 

lldren were: 
.8, 1765 
uel, b. July 

ly 15, 176 ; 
David, b. Sept. 12, 1770 
Sarah b.I77I» baptised Aug. 1771; 

. 19, 1773, - • 9 Baltimore; 
Elam,b. Feb. 27, 1775; Elizabeth, b. . : 777 m Jos.Bostick 

David Lous b Aug. 23, 1779. ar. 31,1810 

Above births recorder! Presbyterian , Baltimore. . . 
TA Agerton, Waynesboro, a desce . aynesboro, 

Mr 6. A. Rush,oi Opelike,Ala. , in 19 19, state! that his grandfather 
.Geo; , Ala. in I;Io,fro. . . had a 

bro . . Chas. George Rush b in Lincolnton, N.C. 1762. 

ranford or Crafford Rush m I ary about 1760 or 1750 
in Culpeper Co. Va. Their, son, Benjamin Rush b April 10, 1752, 

-. . 12, 1772. His son, three times. Azel Rush b 

Aug;. 4, 1780 Randolph Co. IT. ., 1st i oc. C, 1803, Elizabeth 
Beckerdite and had eight children* Iredell, b Jan. 17, 1807; 
Dorcas, Donegan, Polly, Nixon, Nancy a Ln, and ^orinda. 

ra 2nd on Mar. : , 1 1 , ; .d four ch: 

I illicent, Joseph, Azel Ge . The third wi 

img and she had three children; Lrd, 

. , . Iredell Rash, son os Azel a eth 
(Beckerdite) Jan. 17, 1C07 and m Elizabe 

John 3., Calvin, ETi , Illicent, , 

, 1336, in G . id. ra Oct. 23, 
Louisa -lr children were Myra, una, ,, alter, Olive, 

.In "., and Chas . E., who ifeas librai Indianapolis 
public Li >rary in 1922. 

Mrs. P. E. . arrell, of Cisco, Texas, is descended from Ben- 
jamin x \is , a sonof Charles George Rush, . c was born in N.C., 
Jan. 8, 1780. (Letter 1927.) 

Mrs. - . V. ..eller, Ole in, . . : is descended from and Eliz- 
abeth Rash who married Rowland Hall. 

. 31, 1786, was married to Lydia Truax, 
Their son, Nelson Rash m Nancy Tanning. Descendant, 

Amy x ". Wilbur, 1000 Loyala .. . , Lcago in 1932. 

A Crafford Rushmm Dorcas . Both are buried in a small 

'eyard on old Rash estate in Randolph Zo . N. . 'hey had a d 
ber, Rebecca, who m Milligan, and a daug o m Jacob 
Robbins. Jacob Robins ana his v;ife had a daughter . - 
Commons and died 1842 in Randolph Co., , ontana, a descen- 
dant, 1922. 

. J. . 3rowder, r 1: , a r , is descended from an 
: , born Javidson Co. N. C, 1811, di pt. 12, 1891, 
ra Jesse Harris Jr. Che was a daughter of Burrell .ash, Pasqui- 

. . 

Mrs. ~. . Clemson, Marengo, ra, letter 1927, ber 
descent as follows: Eliza l. 1809, m John Tee tar 

in Orawfordsville, Ind. 1831. - bh was a dau of Jesse 
b 1767. 

, b ab 1789, had the follow ;; 
jr. Benjamin Rush, b Apr. 9, 1810; 
Ley Rash b Jan. 24, 1812; 
John Clark Rush b men. 29, 1814; 
Sallie Rush b July 6, 1816; 
Noah Rash b Sept. 8, 1818; 
Zebedee Rush b. Jan. 8, 1821; 
Dorcas Rush b Mar. 23, 1823; 
fa. F. Rash b jug. 16, 1825; 

ih b Dec. 5, 1827; 
George Hregory R ' ir. 5, 1830; 
Martha M. Rash b Feb. , 1C33. 

. Lditional Rush lines are ,p,iven under the descend 

and ■•ill-'. - .la and North Carolina in 


In J . A. .. . 1925, Is given the Bush coaL of 

arms, as bhe Pennsylvania family. Motto: "Dieu, un roi, 

un foi." (One lod, one king, one faith.) A wolf's head (erased) 
vert, landed, gu, guttie-d'or, collar , bhe last, on the 

co.lar three totreauz. otto used . - 

dividuall; Lseeris Succurrere disco." (I learn to succor 

the unfortunate. ) found no record of a coat of arms 

used by L] y. 

IDS, . 1790. 

ITame hales ofer 16 I.:ales under 16 Females ethers Slavara 

inc] sad 

of family 
Absolem Rush 1 3 2 11 

Benjamin :hsh 2 - 2 - 15 

3enjamin Rush 1 - - 

:ry county 

William Plush 2 3 5 10 

Definitions of Abl Lons. 

Att neans attachment Jd means Judgement rendered 

rd " returned Con't means cause continued 

Exd " executed I c " not executed 

Cap " capias (a writ) Yer " verdict 

Id " issued " court 

Oar " garnishment Pet " petition 

It; " issued with Lee " security 

Afs " lea ..Is " aliso (another) 

Joshua and Elizabeth Perr: i , deed of sale to Prances 
Perrv proved Aug. 28, 1770. Johnston Go. N. C. Gt. Minutes, 
1759-1703, part 2, p 29. 

List of Justices of the Peace, 1300-1810. Franklin Co, 1804. 
Jeremiah Perry, Lt. Col. Commr. 

James Perry m Marry Cooper, bend k4 Aug. 1778. Thomas Sherrod, 

Jeremiah Perry m Frances Massey bond 26 May 1778, Willis Per- 
irety. Bute Co. 

Inventory of Jeremiah Perry Aug. Cfc. 1770 by Willis Perry, admr. 
Fate Co. V/ills and Inventories 1760-1800 II ; 

atory of ., dec ' d by Thos. rson, A 

:t. 1772. Ibic 

Inventory of enjamin Brown Person, s. Perron 11 Feb. 
1770. again 1779 by John Pau! . 81. 

William Person will. 27 Oct. 1774. May 1771. Sons Benjamin and 
.Villiam, dau. Tatty Person, Mary Ann Little, . , Lfe Aim, 
Children: Thomas, William, Benjamin, M-ary Ann and Patty, ibid p 87. 

Franklin Co. Wills, V. 2 p 26: Amy (x) Person will dated 1 March 
1831. Datl. Sarah Person, "ons; Benj P. Person, Henry Person, Jesse 
Person, .;illis Person and Presley Person. Execs. °on Presley Per- 
son and friend Sam Perry. 

Inventories and "ales of Estates 1800-1C34. Est. of- Benjamin Per- 
ry. Perishables inventoried Nov. k4, 1815 included 84' negrees. 
Bales totaled i ;3CH7.C5. Agreed division of negro es between his 
"representatives" 20 Nov. 1815, witnessed b; . Ledsoe, toly 
James and Robt. P. Jones. Signe parties: 

Benjamin Ingram- in ri~ht of his wife Lettice, i Lettice Perry; 
Jeremiah Perry in right of himself as guardian c: • Josh- 

ua Perry; 

la Berry; 

Allen " . ^avls, in right of hi. , fas Priscilla 


^e of Brunswick Co. Va. in ri . 
Charity perry; 
'/inifred Darnell, whc was '.7inifreC Perry; 

, l :y perr;. ; 

Jas. Sherrod in ri is wf Rebecca, who was Rebecca Ferry; 

John Howell in right of his wf Molly who ly perry; 

Polly Perry, widwo of Benjamin Perry, the dec'd. 
Also signed by Elijah B. Perry. 

Wills and Inventories 1760-1800 Part III p 15: Inventory of Benj- 
amin Rush, Aug. Ct.§ 17G0. ( "inutes say 1768.) 
p. 80 Benjamin Rush appointed by Wm Johnson, James Ransome and 
John Hawkins at Court held for Bute Co. on 27 Jan. 1767, as ,^uar- 
dian of Benj. i'homas, orphan of %. I , dec'd. bond ft- 500, 

with Benjamin Ward and Ceo (x) Bledsoe sureties. ApproveqT Jan. 
Ct. 1767. 

p. 80 Benjamin tush will 13 Oct. 1759. probated Jan. -ourt 1767, 
Bute Co. "of Prince ..'illiam Co. Virginia". ; , to 

njamin. . . "part of a tract in Cranville Co. B.C. on 
sides of , on 20 June 1749." 

County Court Minuted 1767-1776. j 34. 2nd Thurs. Aug. 1768. : 
inventory of ^he estate of Benjamin Rush dec'd was returned in- 
to court by Benjamin Rush his executor and ordered to be re- 

p. 16; . irs. ov. 14, 1770: Additional inventors of the 3 - 
tate of Benjamin Rush, dec'd is retu. 

;r on oath and ordered to be recorded. 

Deed from Rush to Lngfe] roved 

Robert Peyton, ^ug. 11, 1774. 

p. 328. AoBt. Peyton, Jenkins D e vaney, on jury in case of »'ms. 
vs Bledsoe Jr. Verdict for defendant 17 Bob. 1775. 

1774- -r'et). 1778. p. 51: 11 Nov. 1777. Ordered t] 
Stephen ..lite and Bledsoe ,hite, orphans of Henry ■•" ite dec'd, 
id with the consent of J . .' ite, the mother, be bound 
to Benjam to learn the art and mistery of carl 
Lng, to re - :, wr Lte, 

Reference Trial ,ion Cocke t 1766- 1E67. :ions 

Oct. Ct. 17GG. z orrell, . . 

.. . sxd i lianas of John Perrall and Smith, jar. sv/orn not; 

.deference to J- . t. 1767. . herrell. 

(Con'.' k] L 1767.) ... ri ez. Terrell — 3ar sworn 


July . .fash vs. Hez. . ;inued. 

Bute Co. . °. :ourt Papers 1765-1778. Bond ..Hi: 

. of Spen :■ . . 1778, to 200 

.11, aj . , , . 

Franklin Co. "t. Minutes. 1794-1800. i ;. 1794. Deed to 

Lin Bush" from "m Plummer proves by "m. awaanan son. 

.: ^ourt 1795. ,b ash to Susaa :s, 

proved by l^d-.vard Neal. 

■ . 111c, 1787-1838. Vol. 2 (N.C.H3 • . ) p. 69. 

./ill of Jacob (x) .a. dell, dated 20 Sepj3. 1809; .state to be 
t together until youngest child is 21. Loving wife to have 
ire forever or 1/3 for life. Execs. ,;f and son ,?illi 

Inventories and sales of estates 1806-1839. Dec. "erm 1831. Pe- 
tition of -"-'ranees ,'addell, if ^acob "a , for division 
: a^es, negroes, etc. She elects to take l/3 for life. children as ..ill" , ., John, 1 s; , of 

, : . , '" 1: ; , f of Pete.- , , 

, l, also -'ill s , Lnors, sirs 5f ,1 . 

! . . . . etition g . 

x Vber : , ildren (n 

1790. pah Bush, hi soe, brother 

Franklin Co. . \ .11 . Benjam 

.. 1781, to 1000, 150 acres on ^outh side of , 

adjoin . ." I. . --.. - : . ' , i ico addell, 
.'horn ton. 

p. 184. John r h mas tc .....-, 234 

acres on waters of Lyons Crook, on both sides of Glebe . 
- mentions Bell's old lines, hits. "..:. and 
gall Rush. 

Frankli Jo. Deeds v. G p 00 "obert Peyton to Ji .11. deed 

5 Jan. 1784 fa 50, 186 acres on North side of , and on 

Flat .lock Creek; to Terrell's line and Clebe line. . 

- . 

p. ICO. Adjoining land to Robert -cLcncre, J . 

3d Jos. " 5 4 Oct. 1791. 


: .y tc Ben; , - specie 

die be br eld 

to... ' the Glebe line. 

Joel Terrell. 

• . r, deed 26 July 1793, £75 .' 
money, 241 acres on the waters of Lyons ere , 

die, dreen William 
- Brooks. 

. .cods IV, p 12S. .._llian Rush c 
set aside dower to , low of Christop r oer, 

anted Sept. Ct. 1735. deport 9 Dec. 1785. 

.Villiam Rush of Franklin Go. frc . :'ren Co. deed 

Dec. 5, 1786, £71, two negroes, Butt /its: John Jones 
Halcut (x) Terrell, -in. Rogers. 

Go. records in Raleig . [i srt Peyton surety on marriage 
bond 26 day 1773, Ben t ; ] to Sarah White. 


Secretar; ' Lee, dale: , . . Boi 14 (1750-1756) 

page 5. o. '. . jnin Rush 640 acres of land in Granville 

3c. on the ^outh side of Sandy Creek beginning 
Martin's line thence by his line North 240 poles to a ilckory 
in Terrell's line thence by his line North 30, 98 co 

a red oak, bhen south 70, west 240 poles to a re -d , snee 

south ;s to a poplar, thence east to ;. 80th 

day of Juno 17 [ . 

Book 81, p. 43 (1792-1794). Carolina ( 

. ', 5. .. al] i ird, 

assignee of the heirs of .Villiai , 

ental Line of said State, 650 acres of land in our county of 

Lstrict, beginning a two trees standing dm the 
dunk of Clinch river, the north side opposite the . ower end of 
horse shoe bottom, then -id river as it meanders e" 
hundred poles to a stake on the river bank near a white \ , 
then north 55, east 538 poles to a stake on the river bank, then 
down the river 100 poles to the beginning. ro hold to the said 
Joseph Beard, his heirs and assigns forever. Date 15th July 1793. 
I. Jl ls p.. , J'y. iieh'd Be p 

Secretary of State says that for war service, North Caro- 
Cnts to land in Tennessee only. J. A,. ' fcing Jr.) 

Records made by J. .;. Browning Jr. at Historical Commission of 
[. . all of History, ,d , . . jook (1760-1800), ;. 
Bute Co. Inventory (lengthy and in etail) of estate cmin 
Benjamin [ash, Exec. 17 , on oath 

Ush. Exec, -p. 16, additional inventory . 
(short). Page GO will of sish 1759, Oct. 13, proved 

June Court, 17S7. 

Roster of soldiers fr . 3 . in the Revolutionary war. John 
Rush, p. 158. 


Le records from the oldest Rush bible, ( 
of Benjamin I and y, ) were sent to Miss Nellie P. Ayres, 

, Tennessee, on Sept. 8, 1937, Mrs. on^Cruger, 
, :as. She found the fragment of paper from which 
record is taken, among the papers of her grandmother, Jane 
(Devaney) Sherlock, It was apparently a letter, but ; 
no date, no beginning or , :alutation or signature. The 
notes on the side c per were made in a different hand- 
writing from that of the letter. Mr. Cruger stated that 
did not know who wrote the letter or who made the notes. 

Concerning the bible recor , . Kelly, of Birming- 

ham, Ala., says in a letter dated _eb. 5, 1. 

"Mr. 3has. Rush, ! , Lss., (I went to see h ,ed 
me the copy made before 1886, in Stanley Co., N. C, , ..kick 
was copied in bhat fragment, dates 1717, 1719, 1721, 1723, 1725, 
1727, 1720, and 1731. Note Benjamin la as born 1717 . Mr. Rush's 
Ler was Simeon Rush, son of Martin Rush born 1794. At that 
the bible belonged to Simeon's half-brother, Robert Terrell 
. o died unmarried, and another half-brother named Martin 
got the things later and the connection and the contact has been 
dropped, so he couldn't tell what became of the bible." 

: bible records of the iVilliam Rush family, ( Jilliam was 
born 1755, and was the son of Benjamin II and his wife Alice 
jrigsby), were taken from a bible given by William Rash (1755- 
1827) to his son, [Jrigsby Rash, upon his marriage in 1803 to 
Priscllla Harris. This Bible is in the possession of Major 
Owen Rivers Rhoads, of the United States Army. These records 
were copied from the original bible record" Ayres, who 
photostat copies of the bible pages in her possession. 


Below are copies of Bible records sent 
Cruder, of Dallas, Texas, an ,'en of Benjamin 

RushI and wife ll rric; : 

Benjamin Rush born Feb. 3, 1717, 

Cahume Rush (Catherine?) born July 3, 1719, 

m Feb. 1, 1721, 
Elizabeth Rush born Sept. 15, 1725, 
Jane Rush born Feb. 5, 1725, 
Allen Rush born July 21, 1727, 
Bachsheba (Bathsheba?) Rush born July 7, 1729, 
Lehem Rush born Aug. 16, 1751, 

i bion bible records that were found 
jr in her c*' Lble: 

Martin >rn Nov. 19, 1794. (Nota l i de of paper: 

l Rush is my grandmother' s brother.'') 

, >rn J m. 5, 1795. I arried 
Get. 6, 1817. 

Nancy Rush born Feb. 14, 1 . i . .. -11- 

liams. The following are 
nieces . ) 

fin. H. Rush rn Feb. 20, 1 
Benjamin Rush born April 8, 1821, 
3rijc . . ish born June 5, 1322, 

Toliver Rush born Marchl, 1825, (Notation: Coz. Tol and -'ixn. lived 
Simeon Ru , i m i; 9, 1829. (in Texas. Cousin ~:.n lives near 
no and so do children of the others.) 


Copy of record taken from bible given by William Sash (1755- 
1827,) to his sen, Grigsby Rash, unpon his marriage in 1003 
to Priscilla Harris: 


The names of all , white and ' , 

md ate of my marriage which happened on the ni 
of February Anno Domini, 1775. William Kus] . 

l, 1 ', - 'vor the 

25ru .y 1801 a sars. 

William Rash, the son of Ben;; Lfe 

ruarj a.y, 1755. 

tbi , Lfe f William Rush, was born the 
it day of June, Anno Domini, 1760. 

Timothy Terrel was born the 17th day of October, 1762, and 
died the last day of July 1781. 

Halcut Terrel was born the 10th day of January 1768. 

You will see here the ages of all your 
brothers and sisters and yours also. 

Benjamin Rash was born June 18th, 1776, 
Sarah born October 14th, 17 , 
yell: born Feb. 16th, 1871, 

was born Kay the 20th, 1784, 
:ca Rush was born the last day of March, 1787, 
Terrell Rush was born August 12th, 1789, 
Willis I 20th, 1792, 

Carried to the beginning of the Psalma. 
ush was born Nov. 19th, 1794, 
Nancy Rush as born February l?th, 1799, 
Alee Rush ,vas born ^arch 22nd, 1801, 
I myself wasbborn February 1, 1755. 

rn Jane 8th, 1760, 
, ro jirl you have was born Sept. 22nd, 11 
Set down by myself this loth day of Februar , 

William Rush, 

William Rush, my husband, departed 1 'e the 25t 

Jan. 1827. had been a residenter of Montgomery County, North 

Carolina, forty years. he was aged 72 years. 

Terrell Rush was born the 12th day of August 1789, died 
16th of I ay, 1008. 

ian Rush was corn the 20th day of Larch 1792, died 
the 1 )f August, 1810. 



ish was born May 20, 17 '. , 
Prizza Sue., ' , -- '• 28 th, 1781, 

L d April 28th, 1803. 

Elizabeth Bush, our first , fas born Feb. 12, 1804, 

Nancj .s iora August 24th, 1G05, 

!ush was born 6, 1807, 

tush was born March 31, 1009, 

turn over 
born May 20, 1811, 
Sail" .] ril 10, I 

Martin Rush was born October 25th, 1316, 
Emelin as born September 18th, li ] , 
Benjamin .lush was born January 25, 1825, 
Miranda lash was burn May 9th, 1825. 

Las the son of An was corn January 6, 1831. 


Polly was born 3th of May 1796, 
James 9th of March 1802, 
Sin 19th of "bay 1804, 
John December 4th, 1806, 
Louisa 13th of April 1810, 

ied whose a^e is not 
-^enj 1 tl C '. Ipril 1798, 

..' lliam In 1800. 

The a^es of Pats twins 2nd of 

June , ' ] 

fiTilliai i Hriz >f July .... . 1, 

;orn the 12th of i 130C, 

Ln Prizaei: i 1 mber 1807. 

3rt ana Rebec LI— 

October in the year of our Lor--, 1 ! . 


follwoflmg bible records were obtained by Miss Stella 
bt lardy, 2 enea l o ist f° r the Daughters of the American 
Revolution . , . pis Rush. She attached them to the 

.A.R. ■ Ls£ Ayres and are on file in Memorial con- 

tinental Hall, Lngton. The copy was made y ■ . Jes- 

sie J. f/hitfield. 

;o the errors and discrepancies in this record, 
Miss Ayres wrote tin . . . concerning it an wrote 

as follows on February 14, 1933: 

le records, a copy of nnd 1." your pa- 
pers, were copied by me from an old Bible owned b . . arris 
Rush, a Baptist minister, who at that bim i lainf Id, 
1. J., though, if I remember correctly, 

:o locats Rev. Harris Rush, ithout success." 

to locate 

[ev. ble: 

IVillia orn 2-1-1755 

A igitol Rui b .orn 1-8-1760 
Benjamin Rash born 7-18-1776 
Sarah Rash born 10-4-1778 
Mollie Rash born 2-13-1731 
Grigs , :rn 5-20-1784 

rn 8- 1 -1787 
Terrell Rash born 8-12-1789 
Willia i i -1 -17 92 

Marti:: . - 1-1794 

: ^orn 2-12-1799 
Alice Rash lorn 5-22-1 '. 

D .A . 

', tij. Rash ,1801, 

Terrell m 

» died 
r, iVillia ; : , died 25 <- year, 

28, 1 35, 

Grigs . . ..As . 

ay 20, 1734, 
Priscilla Rash born December 28, l r ; , 
"ash oo im August 25, 1805, 
sh " 
..illiam Terrell Rush iDorn i , .9, 

. born ...arch 26, 1811, 
Sarah Rush born April 10, 1814, 
orn October 25, 1 
lorn September 18, 181 , 
Benj. Rash born Sept. 18, 1825, 


William Rush I b. 1615; 
To America I635 (?) 2Ch: 

( filliam Rush II 

hter m Josua Hudson (?) 



William Rush II b. i a. ab. 
I637 or came to Va. with £ ir 
Thos. Luntsford, ra Ann Gray. 
Did he marry Dorothy Tho nas 
2 nd? 

William Rush III b. ab. 1659, 
. £lizabeth-,d.I707. id he 
marry Dorothy Thomas 1st? 

Benjamin Rush I b in Va. after 
1686. Married. Amey cilkins(?) 
ab. 17 16. Was in King George 
.0. Va. 1722, i. 1767. Lived 
in Prince William Co. Va. .ill 
proved Bute Co. 

Benjamin Rush II b 1111, m at 
least twice, probly three 
times. One wife ws 
Grisby. Last wife was Elizabeth 
Perr;/ Jh: 

Willie Ln 1775 
Abigail Terrell. ( iad ten 

Grist, married I803 

Prise ilia Harris. Thej 

] .lizabeth- 

iWilliam Rush IV b. at least as 
early as I69I. Married 
Eenjamin Rush b. after 1686, m 
Amey Elkins(?) before 1717. 6 Ch. 

Benja b 1717 m Alice Grisby 

[Cahume Rush (Catherine?) b 1719 
[Amie Rush I 1721 

[Elizabety ] /23 m Joshua Perry 

Rush b 1725 r >i Geo. Bledsoe 
: no information 
'Bathsheba Rush b 1729 no information 
Bethlehem Rush b 1731 
[Ann married Robert Peyton 
'Spencer d. s.p. 
[Ailcy m Jenkins Levaney 
[Aimy m ^noch Stringfellow 

.ary m Williams 
.Prances ra Jacob Waddell 
[Elizabety m Joel Terrell 
rilliam b ±755 ra Abigail Terrell 
Susanna m Erooks 


Benjamin m Lucretia Harris 9 Ch. 

Nathaniel Che air: 
Molly m Miles Baird 
Grisby m Priscilla Harris 10 Ch. 
Rebeccam Robert Frizzell 10 Ch. 
Terrell l.s.p. 
Williaii . . . 

1 Bell&Ma ■ ciin 

Elizabe . .Priest, 

Nancy . uel Gilbert, J Ch. 

Abigail m Henr^ 
William ra Harriet Campbell ; . 
(Jane m Dr. James Gilber 
Sallie ra pbell, 1 

C-.artin m Arnold : Morrow 8 Ch. 
Robert Harris 5 
lied in infancy 
liranda Cathe] . oe 9 Ch 

The information contained her in concerning the ascendants 
of Benjamin Rash (1717-1801,) was furnished largely by Mrs. Jes- 
sie D. Whitfield, of Washington, J. C, who was a Rash Descendant 
and who during several years made intensive search in the librar- 
ies, and of official records in the counties of Westmoreland, 
King George and Prince William in Virginia. 

With the Bible records and chart in the possession of the 
writer of these notes as a starting point, Mrs. tiitfield worked 
backward, establishing the antecedents of Benjamin Rush. Jr., 
(1717-1801, ) who was the first ancestor of whom our records told. 
Her information was very carefully transcribed from the original 
records and the compiler feels with her that there can be no 
doubt that the descent is established as ;Tiven in these pages. 

All descendants of the Rash family owe 'Mrs. '.Vhitfield, as 
well as Miss Maud Kelly a debt of gratitude, for they have been ' 
untiring in their labor and very generous with their information, 

s procured at no little expenditure of time, labor 
money. The information obt piler been se- 

cured by endless hours of time, research in libraries and innum- 
erable letters. 

. persistent tradition in all branches o£ th aro- 
h's is that ; ., r nd -'elated to Dr. Benja- 
Rush. There can be no doubt that they were Quakers in ] 
early days. See signature of Elizabeth Rash, widow of Willi 
Rush, to inventory of his personal property dated 2 March, 170C. 
"Elizabeth ^sh, relict of William Rash wit 

Laker, did in open court solemnly declare (as by law in that 
case' is provided, ) that the same is a true, full and perfect 
acct," etc. 

A later inventory, however, in North Carolina, that of 
Benjamin I, son of the above William and Elizabeth, is signed, 
by his son, Benjamin Rush, executor, in 17G3, on oath. This 
latter Benjamin Rash (1717-1801, ) was the first one 
the half-compiled family chart speaks, and the note on the 
chart reads, "old Benjamin Rash was a Quaker, ha Lves, 
one of whom was Alley Grig .' And further, "Old Ben Rash 
related to Dr. Be tush of Philadelphia." He is referred 
tc by many descendants in their letters as "Quaker Rush." 

tush, the founder of the Pennsylvania 
family, all left the Quakers and eventually " ptists. 

i inventory cf the personal property of Eush I, 

in 17GC, there is listed two psalters and a prayer book, whi h 
indicates th - : connection with the ' led 


The Pennsylvania , fr 
Dr. .' min I hysician, noted author 

Signer of the Decl f _ : sscended, 

; .pt. John Rush of C] y, 

Land in 1687 and settled at . I . ( ....... I g. 

. i -log. v 17, p. 35; ?'. jjierican, ..ov. 

17, IS 7; Incyc. Brit. 1887, V 21, p. nd apj Lx t 

p. 97.) 2Q 

There was evidently some connection between the Pennsylvania 
branch and the North Carol - inia branch, Tor Dr. Benjamin 
Rush (1745-1813), is said to have spoken often of his kin in 
North Carolina, as witness the Herman Husbands affair, 
liam and Benjamin are favorite names in both the North Carolina— 

tia and the Pennsylvania families, but the tradition so often 
related to the compiler by varous descendants of the North Carolina 
family, that they were descended from Dr. Benjamin Rush is obvious- 
ly untrue, although most of them are descended from a Benjamin 

'lie the VI- h of the family came to America 

number of years before the Pennsylvania family, it is believed 
•e of the same parent stock of , and 

ome contact after comi] merica. 

.lush, born 1850, whose mother was a . 

her mother always told her that the Rush's were .1 . 

The information we have of our fa. lilliam 

Rus] ., " , 1635. 

. Hotten's Original List - its, 1600-1700,) where we 
find the folic 

Parti, p. , , 15 May 1635, Francis Graj , .. d 15 
Parti, p. 81, 21 Lay 1635, William Rush aged 20, 
Same Ref. 21 May 1635 lerrell, aged 18. 

"These names are to be transported to St. Christopher' s, ('.Vest 
Indies,) imbarqued in the Matthew of London. Mr. Richard Gooch- 
land, .--rant from ye Earle of Carlisle." 

In Greer's Virginia Immigrants, page 285 t 

Jon Rush, 1642, Lenrico Co., brought over by Thomas Osborne, 
Qeorge Rush, 1654, Co., brought over by Francis Gray, 
George Rush, 1651, Northumberland Co., by Robt. Newman, 

... , 1650 Co., by Sir Thomas Luntsford, Knight and 


Alice Gray, 1650, Nort' id Co., John Hallowes, Gent., 

Mary Gray, 1S50 " " " " " 

Henry Gray, 1651, " " Thos. .les & The : . ard, 

Elizabeth Gray, 1653, by Richard Bu 

. le over on the £ush 
and Thomas Terrell in t] , all were 
boys, William Rush being the eldest. 1 at the same 
time indicates that probably there was some connection even be- 
fore they came to America, between the Terrell, Gray and 
families. Either this jyilliam Rush or his son William married 
Ann Gray, daughter of Francis Gray and wife Alice. (^ts . 
notes. ) 

• Va. Go. Lee. F 2,11, V 75, p 1-. 7 June 1667--July 31, 16 i . 
Ann, daughter of Francis G-ra; t.lice, married <Vil 

Rush, Westmoreland Co. 

In Lilliam & . larterly Vol. 12 p.. 267, we read* "Fran- 
cis Gray was one of the first emigrants to Maryland, for in 
1637, three years after the arrival of Leonard Calvert and his 


ing at St. Ge ' Hun- 
dred, which, he represented that year in the General Assembly 
iryland. He continued to be elected annually until 1643 
as the representative from St. George's. By trade he was a 
carpenter- a trade always of importance in a new country. He 
married Alice Moorman, who was brought to Virginia 1G37 by Capt. 
Thos. Cornwallis, (He ill's Founders of Maryland, p. 70.) Fran- 
cis Cray went from Maryland to Virginia in 1647 and died at Ma- 
;creland Co., Va., 1667. His will is on record in 
tmoreland Co., dated 7 June 1667, proved July 31, 1667. It 
named wife Alice, son Francis, daughter Rush, Wife of William 
and mentions Ann Launcelot, ter of John Launcelot. 
Wits. John Ashton and Mary Gardner." 

In Archives of Maryland, Vol. IV p. 51 we note that Francis 
Gray applied for license to marry Alice Moorman, Nov. 26, 1633. 
Issued. lie was necessarily over 21 in 1637, as he made contracts 

member of the General Assembly, neither of which fc] 
could be done by a minor. So he '.vac lot the lad aged 15 in 1635 
mentioned in gotten. There was a Thomas Cray came over before 16 
1616; he married first Ann is a nd second Rebecca a nd 

sons William, Thomas, Francis and John in latter Fran- 
is the one. There are many items about our Francis Gray 
in the Archives of Maryland. In v.. . . ." 44, p. 103 there is 
listed a suit Mrs. ] ! aj .... , I . 15, 1665, S 
ford Co. Va., 

In Va. County Court Note Book, (Ljungstedt, C : , /ol. 
4-6, p. 35, Vol. 4.): A , tmpton City 1656. 

Headrights, Francis Gray, hie wife, Alice, . , Joshua 
Gray, Ann Gray, William Butler." 

tross Va. Court House, Westmoreland Co. Va., Wills & 
Deeds, 3k. 1, p 78, Francis Gray to William Rush, 1658: 
"Francis Gray of Appamattox, reland Co. to William Rush 
for many and sundry considerations me thereunto moving as well 
as the tender affection I bear unto my daughter, Anne, have and 
doe by these presents freely give, make over and bestow upon and 
unto William Rush, husband unto my said daughter, a tract of land 
containing 100 acres, being part of a tract owned by me lying in 
tie county aforesaid, and being at a place commonly called the 
Round gills, nigh unto the Machodick river- to William Rash and 
his heirs by the body of my said daughter, forever. The said 
William Rash yielding and paying unto me and my heirs for an ac- 
ledgement, one pepper corn an annum, the said pepper corn to 
be paid at or upon the feast of 3t. Michael, the archangel." 
Dated 20 November 1658. Recorded 23 November 1652. 

Since Francis Gray married Alice Moorman 1638, Anne, wife' 
of William Rush was born not earlier than 1659-40. We believe, 
therefore that the William Rush who was her hust , s either 

: came over 1635, or . .11- 
liam Rush who , the 

latter. If she married William , was 

three years older than the FHancis Gray who alsc 335, 
she wage probably his second wife. ;ed 

Francis Gr i h seems to imply that William Rush 


aave had other children by another wife, the term 
""Heirs", as used in the deed does not indicate that there were 
actually other children, hut was a tern of conveyance sI.l 
the complete title was conveyed to William Rush, to apss to 
his and Anne's children. 

It is more likely that William Rush, who married Anne 
Gray was a son of the immigrant, and since there were at least 

. llliam Rush's, as well as two Francis Gray's, as a basis 
for identification, we shall assume that our William Rush who 
married Anne Gray was the son of the .Villiai 1th 

Sir Tl ntsford. .■■' jine Gray, daughter of Franeis 

. between 1G5G, the year Francis Gray came over with his fam- 
ily including daughter Anne, (Ref. Jo. Ct. Note Bk., Ljungstedt) 
and 1658, the date of deed from Francis Gray to William Rush, 
who Is named therein as "The husband of my daughter Anne." (Ref. 
bmoreland Co. Va. ..ills & Deeds Bk. 1, p. 78.) 

The deed from Francis Gr 'S to be 

the same tract of land ioned and 

described in his will of 11 Marc] 1698j "Tract of land 1; 
from South of hachodoc River extending to a place called 
Round Hills, with additions made thereto frc:.i ./llliam ./ebb and 
William Rash." (Ref. New ... n. ;a^r. Vol. 45, p. r c 
In the Gray to Rush deed the description is "Tract of land. . 1 
at a place called the Round Hills, nigh unto Machodoc River." 

Tyler's Magazine Vol.8, pp 33-4, states that "A whole 
train load of people came over with Sir Thomas Lmtsford,- 
Thomas Batte, John and Lawrence Washington, and others, established 
families and left descendants in Virginia." William Rash 
was one of this party. 

tmoreland County, Virginia, has been called the "Athens 
of America", since so many of its great men were born there.' 
Lawrence Washington was the grandfather of G« '.iagton, 
who was born at "Wakefield", the ancestral heme of t] 
tons, and where four generations of the lived before 
George was born. This estate lay on the Potomac River, about 
eighty miles belcw what is shington C. C.,-on one side it 
is bounded by Bridge's Creek and on the other by Pope's Cree 1 .:. 
The house at yakefield v/as ere' I >pe's Cree . 

Although we have no authority, other than conjecture, for 
ig the distinction, for the sake 6'f clearness we will refer 

in the follow! to the various William Rush's as one, two 

and three, assuni. 

was the son of the immi t >f 1635. 

There was apparently some connection between . -Gray- 
Terrell families before they came tc . Lea, as well as for 
years later,. Francis , Perrell and .Villiam Rush, 
who came over in 1G35, a^ed 15, 18 and 20 respectively, were 
probably kin. Francis Gr.., 1 over a Geor ' 551. 
Years later, in Virgin^ ' i North Carol! l, find records 
of deeds between these families. 

In North Carolina, 'ir Lnutes of Franklin Co. 

1790, that James Cray dee res of land to Benjamin Rash, 
which is witnessed by Joseph Terrell. Feb. 26, 1794, Wm. Plummer 
deeds to Benj acres of land for 75 lbs. Virgin- 

ia money. This land was bound mds of James 3 , Lja- 
fcish, Jacob Waddell, Green Williamson and '.7m. Plummer. (Ref. 
Vol. 10, p. 20.) In that day families are said to have moved in 
colonies from one community to another and all of these families 
were probably related and moved together from Virginia to North 
Carolina. vs. ' 'ield cone II 

married first Ann 3 sceond Dorot! , , or .Villiam 

Bush III married first Don .s and second Elizabeth , 

is widow in 170C. (Ref. Lungstedt Rote Booh, V. ., 
. :;, p. 10, "7/illiam A 1 .'" , Jhristopher^ 

married before 25 Aug. 1686." p. 51C tfestmore 

William Rash . , 17 7- . p] In- 

ventor- of ' ' .1 estate reveals that his uif 
beth . 

rtl . onnectici. the Rash und Thomas 
Llies, a few item: ..entioned here. In I In Co; , 
.. . C. , Jo] is deeds £34 acres of land , 

10, 1785, for 80 lbs; Witnesses, tush. 

In Virginia, in ..arch 17G2, . ," , daughter of John 

Thomas, married Benjamin Rush, .. .. 

In the settlement of estate of ".Villiam Rash III, 1712, in 
Virginia, there is listed the item, "To Richard Thomas 203." 

In Culpeper Co., Va., (formerly Spotsylvania Co.) 1753; a 
Benjamin Rush leases to John. Thomas 100 acres. Still later, in 
1782, a ... . Jalpeper Co., as mentioned - 

bove, a daughter of John Thomas. 

are not, as . = Lants concerned, ' probably, 

the connection bet-ween the Rush and Hudson 7 '. , we 
will mention here some notes gathered. 

In .Vestmoreland 7c. Virginia (Va. Co. ;: . 7 7. I), we 

and abstract of the will of Joshua Hudson, proved 26 July 1704. 
To son John; sen Joshuaj ... , Sliza- 


referenc ve, is listed the ' ' H Ison; 
1 70 , 1708. er, 

Bro. Joshua Rush, 
e::ecs. Mentions daughters he; t 

this Joshu , 

ilic .-led ..112 1 . . . ,se two Cray sisters had a b 

brother, Josh., .. E ancis Gray's ..'ill of 1667 does not mention 
his daughter Mary, or anybody n . 

died 1708 and makes his uncle, 7/11 J " Co-executor with his 
brot: , irs to be the son of the Joshua Hudson who 

died 1704. It is possible lush. The 

.Villiam Rash who was made executor In 1708 must have been 
Rash II, husband of Alice Cray. He is the 711] .., Purchaser 
of the land from Howon in 1664, who re-patented it in 1704, and 
have been living in 1708. His son Ailliam Rash died 1707-8 


and the inventory of his personal estate ic made in February 170b, 
before John Hudson's will was made, hence ae could hardly have 
been the Uncle William Rush who was made executor. 

The will of Ann Spence, 1695, (Ref. Va. Co. Rec. Westmore- 
land Co. Va. Vol. I,) names Joshua Hudson as a lagatee. He may 
have been a son-in-law. In the same reference volume, we find 
record of a deed of gift, Alexander Spence, 2 May 1704, which 
says, "Deed of gift from Chapman Darke to Sarah, Ann Elizabeth 
and Margaret Hudson, daughters of Joshua Hudson lately deceased, 
Jan. 31, 1704." This deed indicates some relationship between 
Joshua Hudson's daughters and the Spence 's. Perhaps Joshua Hud- 
son married first Elizabeth Rush or Mary Gray and had the four 
sons mentioned in his will, and later married a daughter of Ann 
Spenceand had the daughters named in the deed, only one of whom, 

ret, is mentioned in his will. Or Ann Spence- may have been 
a sister or aunt of Joshua Hudson. This is all conjecture, as 
no search has been made of Westmoreland Co. records for Hudson data 

The Joshua Hudson who made his will on June 6, 1704 (proved 
July 26, 1704, ) was not, probably, the Joshua referred to in deed 
of Jan. 31, 1704 as "lately deceased." There were at least two, 
perhaps more Joshua Hudsons. One of them probably married a 
Rush, as there were also two or three Rush Hudson's. A Joshua 
Hudson was appointed executor of the estate of Evans Peters In 
Westmoreland Co. Va. 1696, and Ruth Hudson witnessed the will. 
One of our William Rush's may have married a Hudson, and that 
may have been why he was "Uncle William Rush," but owing to the 
fact that there were two or three Rush Hudson's, we feel that it 
v/as the other way' round. 

The name Darke reminds us that Jane Rush, daughter of Capt. 
John Rush, the emigrant to Pennsylvania in 1687, married John 
Darke and they went to Virginia. In Bate Co. N. C. Book 2, 
p 275, we find that William Rush is administrator of Spencer or 
Spence Rush. Joshua Hudson was a creditor of William Rush 3rd, 
who died 1707-8. See inventory of his personal estate: "paid 
Hoshua Hudson 600." Tne will of Robert Terrill, Orange Co. Va. 
13 February 1786 mentions daughter Mary Hudson and her son Rush 
Hudson. The name Rush v/as carried for several succeeding gener- 
ations in the Hudson family. The compiler of these notes is a 
Rush-Hudson descendant, hence the interest in this Hudson- Rush 

Although it is only conjecture, we shall number the Rush 
generations, as a means of identification, as follows: 

I I. William Rush came to America 21 May 1635, aged 20; 

II. William Rush, 1650, with Sir Thomas Luntsford. (Prob- 
able the one who married Ann Gray. This is the William Rush of 
the deed Jan. 12, 1664, Howson to Rush 100 acres, which v/as re- 
oatented by him in 1704, and deeded to William Rush his son, on 
July 22, 1689; 

III. William Rush died 1707-8. Did he marry Elizabeth Hud- 

IV. William Rush, the one established by lease William Rush 


to David Stuart, as the grandson of the William Rush of deed to 
100 acres which he inherited from his father. 

V. William Rush, d.s.p. 

William Rush the second(?) ace uired lands on the Machodoc 
River in Westmoreland Go. Va. , as evidenced by the abstracts 
which Mrs. Whitfield made from the original records at Montross 
C. H., Westmoreland Co. Va: 

Deed and Wills, Vol. I, p. 255: Howsom to Rush and Cossum. 
600 acres on South Side, toward the head of Upper Machoco River. 
Signed 14- Jan. 1664. Robert Howsom to William Rush and Henry- 
Co ssum. Rec. 26 April I665. 

Deeds and Wills, Vol. I, p. 257: Howson to Rush, 100 acres 
on South Side towards head of Upper Machodoc River. Signed 12 
Jan. 1664. Robert Howsom to William Rush. Acknowledged and re- 
corded 12 Jan. 1664. 

Deeds and Wills Vol. I, pp 262-3. Rush to Howson of Staf- 
ford. 100 acres on the South Side towards the head of Upper 
Machodoc River, adjoining the land of said William Rush and 
Henry Cossum, signed 23 May 1670. William Rush to Robert Howson 
of Stafford. Recorded May 25 1670/ 

The succession of three generations of William Rush's is 
shown by lease and release of this land in 1733, William Rush to 
Rev. David Sturt, as recorded in Westmoreland Co. Va., Deed Ek. 
8-2 pl45 (Lease,) andp. k47 (Release) dated 25 July 1733: 

"William Rush of Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co. Va., 
to Rev. David Stuart, of St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co., Va., 
being 100 acres purchased from Robert Howson by William Rush, 
the GRANDFATHER of the above mentioned grantor and lesser, and 
granted by deed of sift to WILLIAM RUSH MIS SON, T:iE FATHER of 
the above grantor, as by deed bearing date the 22 July 1689, re- 
lation thereunto being had, may more at large appear, and now 
descended by inheritance to William Rush, the grantor hereof, 
and GRANDSON to the above mentioned William Rush, the first pur- 
chaser hereof, the which tract was re-patented and granted to u 
William Rush the first purchaser aforesaid the 10th January, 1704. 

Concerning this lease of William Rush to Rev. David Stuart, 
which was discovered by Mrs. Whitfield, she says in letter dated 
Aug. 22, 1934: "The name in the original is unquestionably Rush, 
but in the copy made for the shelves, someone has written Rust 
above Rush, which would make the name questionable in the future 
if the original could not be referred to, and two years ago the 
priceless original was on a shelf next to the floor catching all 
the dust and dirt and is very worn in places, and nearly all the 
old sheepskin cover is worn off." The Virginia State Library has 
photostat copies of Westmoreland County records. 

The Original patent by R. Howson was dated 16 Sept. 1657. 
Consideration for the above lease for three years to be one grain 
of Indian corn paid on the 10th of December each year, if demanded, 
Signed by William Rush 27 November 1733. Recorded 2 January, 1733 ? 
Consideration for release of above land was 8500 pounds of good 
1 tobacco and five pounds of current Virginia money. 


As previously stated, this tract of land was originally 
patented 16 Sept. 1657 by R. Howson and re-patented 1704 to 
William Rush 2nd, first purchaser, who apparently lived until 
after 1704. The tract was purchased 1664 by William Rush II, 
deeded by him in 1689 to his son, William Rush III, who died 
1707-3, and it was inherited by his son, William Rush IV. 

The consideration to be paid in the lease of 1723 > (Wil- 
liam Rush to David Stuart, ) was an interesting one: "One 
grain of Indian corn to be paid on the tenth day of December 
each year, if demanded." This is an unusual consideration and 
we infer that the lease was a donation, but that the law prob- 
ably required some consideration be used to make it valid. 
But the consideration in the deed of Francis Gray to William 
Rush is even more unique: "One pepper corn per annum, the said 
pepper corn to be paid at or upon the feast of St. Michael, the 
Archangel." We know that this latter deed was a gift. 

William Rush II, who married Ann Gray, lived in Westmore- 
land Co. Va., where his son, William Rushlll lived and died, 
leaving two sons, William Rush IV, and a younger, believed to 

be Ben.ja.min. The wife of William Rush III was Elizabeth , 

in 1708. He may have married previously, Dorothy Thomas, we 
we have mentioned in foregoing paragraphs. 

The inventory of the personal property of the estate of 
William Rush III, which follows, throws as much light on the 
search for the antecedents of our Benjamin Rush, (1717-1801,) 
as does the lease and release of 1733. 


(Westmoreland Oo. Va. Deeds and Wills, Book IV, page 165.) 

In obedience to an order of court bearing date the 2nd 
day of January, 1708, we the subscribers, being first sworn 
before one of Her Majestie's Justices of the Peace, have val- 
ued and appraised the estate of William Rush, dec'd, as fol- 

One feather bed and furniture, 2000 

One feather bed and furniture 1200 

One bed with furniture 600 

Two chests, one box 150 

One chest, one trunk 150 

One Flock bed and covering an-* r>o ^ 00 

1 table, five leather chairs l£K*jL09£J 600 

2 old tables, 6 flagg chairs 320 
Four yards Garlick linen oO 
Three yards Irish linen 60 
9 yards white sheeting linen 120 
4 yards checkered linen 56 
1 small horse 600 

3 cows, 1 heifer 1400 

1 large mare 1000 

2 steers, 1 bull 3 years old 900 

4 two year old heifers 800 


6 yearlings 600 

4 sheep, 2 lambs 400 

16 barrows and sows two years old 2000 

29 pigs 5 months old 174 

4 stacks of cess (unthreshed grain) 120 

2 old bibles, 1 old testament 50 
two pocket books 40 

4 yards blew linen 28 
5i yards serge 136 
Three yards stuff 30 
1 parcel thread 24 
1 pair shoes 40 
1 pair children's shoes 12 
Three yards woolen 45 

5 pounds 1 quarter 105 

1 new saddle and bridle 250 

3 old sheets, 1 tablecloth, three napkins 200 

2 funnels, 1 cullander, 1 dripping pan, 1 pastry pan, 

2 bin kettles, 1 egg slice, 1 bin candlestick, 2 pepper 

boxes 120 

1 bell, mettle skillet, mortar and pestle, 120 

1 spinning wheel and cards 100 

2 old frying pans, 1 pair potracks, 80 
1 parcel carpenter's tools 150 
1 smoothing iron and heaters and cane 80 
1 looking glass - 20 
1 Cabinett, 2 wooden boxes 20 
1 parcel earthenware and glass bottles 100 

1 sett wedges 50 

2 meal sifters and three sieves 30 
To a parcel of old lumber 400 

1 old saddle and bridle 40 

6 pewter porringers, 2 tankards, 100 
26 old spoons 20 

2 iron candlesticks, 12 iron skures, 1 flesh fork 40 

1 brass kettle 100 

3 old iron potts and pott hooks 300 

2 guns 250 

1 pair small stilliards 50 

2 horses 2500 


John Bernard 
s Butler 

Sworn before me Feb'y 21, 1708. 

. Berryman. 

: orel and S.S. At a court held for the said county the 23rd 
day of February 1708, the within inventory was returned into 
court by Eliza. Rush, relict of William Rush within named, who 
being a Quaker did in open court solemnly declare (as by law in 
that case is provided, ) that the same is a full, true and perfect 
acct. of all the estate of the said William Rush asyet come to 
her hands, and that if any more come to her hands, she will give 
the court and account taereof. 

Teste. Ja. Westcomb, Cler. Com. 
Recordata 2nd die Marcy 1708. 


Mrs. Whitfield states that this total appraisement 
19,260, and that she copied the figures just as they were shown 
on the record. There were no decimal points between the figures, 

.0 marks, signs or symbols to indicate what monetary value 
the extensions and the total represented. YPaen America was col- 
onized, according to Soule's Analytic & Philoxophie Commercial & 
Exchange Calculator, p. 477, "The people brought with them, or 
soon adopted the English pound as their unit of money. Some of 
the colonies still further reduced the weight of the English twen- 
ty shilli ". I seme coined smeller denominations." These 
ures certainly do not represent that many English pounds sterling. 
They probably represent that many pounds of tobacco value. In 
Wilstach's "Potomac Landings," p 85, we reed: "Estates even were 
inventories in tobacco valuation." 

Westmoreland C . Va. Deeds and Wills, Book 5, page 32: 

1709: The estate of William Rush is debtor as per the payments 
and disbursements made as followeth: 

1. To James Westcomb 645 

2. To James Wheeler 152 

3. To Joshua Hudson 600 

4. To John Popham 600 

5. To Thomas V/eedon 340 

6. To Peter Skinner 566 

7. To Burditt Ashton 2007 

8. To Robert Richards 500 

9. To John Pratt 1500 

10. To Samuel Duchman 432 
11 To Jas. Obary by Neal Marcus 80 

12. To Jas. Obary 469 

13. To Joseph Weeks 442 

14. To John Baker 400 

15. To Nathaniel Pope 600 

16. To Richard Thomas 200 
17 To Will Rush eldest son to 

William Rush, dee'd, being his 
part of his father's estate," 

according to appraisement, 5448 

To my third part of the estate 

due to me by law is 5448 

By allowance 10$ upon the whole estate ? 
To Funerall charges 1000 

(No total footing shown) 

Errors excepted 
pr me 

Eliza Rush 
t 214.30 

Pr Contra Cr. 

by the whole estate appraisement fc 270. 67 

Westmoreland, 26 March 1712. At the motion of the above named 
Eliza. Rush, the above acct. was admitted to record and was re- 
corded the 6th day of April, 1712. Pr. Thomas Sorrell. 


Note by Mrs. Whitfield: "While the above signs (ink) i 
to be pounds sterling, these two places were the o..ily ones where 
they were used. I have tried to balance this acct., but have not 
succeeded. No amounts were divided into pounds, shillings and 
pence. " 

The record does not show that the Court aporoved this re- 
count, -it was merely filed and recorded. It certainly must b. V€ 
been based on a supplemental appraisement of additional property. 

This inventory of William Rush III, of January 22, 1708; fi- 
nally recorded in 1712, definitely establishes the folic 

(1} That William Rush III died prior to Jan. 22, 1708; 

(2) That his wife ?.t the tine of his <3 s Eliz( both ; 

(3) That they were Quakers; 

(4) That the estate fell one-third to the widow under the 
lav/, and one-third to "Will Rush, the eldest son," which is con- 
clusive evidence that there was only one otner heir, and that he 
was a younger son. Otherwise the division into thirds, and the 
expression, "eldest son" v;ould have no mean! 

.. • believe, and think the fact is established, that this 

younger son was Benjamin Rush I, who had married Araey and 

was settled in King George Co. Va. at least as eaEly as 1722. 
This younger son wasprobably a minor at the time of the inven- 
tory, or his name v. r ould have appeared on it. 

One reason for our thinking that Benjamin was the younger 
son, is that William andBenjamin Rush, v. r hose wives were Mary 
and Acey respectively, patented land in Spotsylvania Co., Va., 
on the same day, 11 May 1726, and at the time of the f»*ient, 
William was living in Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co. Va., 

Benjamin was liYing in Hanover Parish, King George Co. Va. , 
as shown by the following extracts: 

Virginia State Land Office, State Caoitol, Richmond, Va. Vir- 
ginia Patents, Vol. 12, 1724-26, page 349: 

patent of 3-7 acres to Benjamin Rush of Hanover Parish, 
George County, Va., said land lying in bt. Georges Parish, in 
Spotsylvania Co., and in the fork of Rappahannock River, on the 
Soutn side of Robinson River. 11 May 1726. 

Signed Hugh Dr.ysd:le, It. Governor 
of Colony of Virginia. 

550: tent of 400 acres to William Rush, or Wash- 
ington Parish, Westmoreland Co. ^a., and in forks of the 
Rappahannock River on the South Side of RoMnson River. 
ay 1726. 

Signed, Hugh ^rysdale, Lt. Governor, 
Of Colony'of Virginia. 

NOTE: By 1734, 5t. George's Parish in Spotsylvania Co. Va., 
become St. Mark's Parish. 


We know that the William Rush vho was livi shington 
Parish, Westmoreland Co. 1733, (see lease and release,) was a 
son of William Ruse and grandson of William Rush, end that he had 
a younger brother, whom we believe to be Bemjamin. 

Mrs. Whitfield suggested that this William Rush IV, carried 
Mary, daughter of Richard Hailey, as his will, 20 Sept. 1774 » men- 
tions "grandson, the eldest son of Mary Rush." ' (Ref . Va Co. Rec. 
Vol I, p. 4.) The will of Ann Spence, previously mentioned, same 
reference, names daughter, Elizabeth Hailey. It would seem that 
Mary Rush's father would be too old to be the Richard who died 
1774, however. 

..ill irin Rush IV, (son of William who died 1707 re Elis- 
abeth,) and brother (probably,) to Benjamin, wife Amey, married 

. Was she a Green? This William was the one who pat- 

e..ted 400 acres of land in 1726 and leased 300 of it to Patric : 
Weaver 1734, as evidenced by references given herein. He is 
also the William Rush of the lease Rush to Rev. David Stuart 1733. 
He had a son William Rush who died without issue, whom we will 
call William RushV. William Rush IV (wife Mary,) had a son 
Benjamin Rush who married Rachel about 1755-6. 

In William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 27 p 21, we find: "Wil- 
liam Rush, Orange Co., Va., 1738. Delinquent, dead no effects." 
This may nave been William Rush the fourth, or a son of his. Or- 
ange County, Va. was formed from Spotsylvania Co. in 1734, and in 
1734 William Rush appears to have been in Spotsylvania Co., when 
he sold part of the land he had patented in that county 11 May 1724 

V:.. Co. Rec. Vol I, p. 135: William Rush of Spotsylvania Co., 
Va. to p. Weaver of Spotsylvania Co., lOlbs. currency, 100 acres 
in St. Mark's Parish, Spotsylvania Co., part of tract granted said 
Rush by patent 11 Kay 1726. October 1, 1734. Mary, wife of Wil- 
liam Rush acknowl edged ner dower. 

It will be noted that William Rush sold only 100 acres of 
this patent at this time, and he may have died there by 1738. A 
connection between Weaver's and Rush's is previously mentioned. 

Below follows some notes concerning William Rush IV: 

Will Book 1, Orange Co. Va., p 12. Know all men by these Presents 
that we, Mary Rush and Robert Green, Gent., are aeld and firmly 
bound unto Goodrich Lightfoot, the first trustee a,nd the commission 
of the Feace of Orange Co. for and in behalf and to the sole use 
and behoof of the trustees of the said county and their successors, 
in the sum of five hundred pounds sterling, to be paid to the 
Goodrich Lightfoot, his executors, administrators and assigns, to 
which oayment be well end truly to be made, we bind ourselves and 
every of our heirs, executors and administrators jointly and sever- 
ally by these presents, sealed with our seals, dated the 17th day 
of February 1735. 

The condition of this obligation is such that if the above bound 
Mary Rush, administrator of all the ood id chattels and credits 
of William Rush, deceased, do make or cause to be made a true and 
perfect inventory of all and singular the goods a.nd chattels and 


credits of the said deceased, which have or shall come to the hand, 
possession or knowledge of the said Mary, or into the hands or pos- 
session of any other person or persons for her and the same so made 
do exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the county court of Orange 
Co. at such a time as she shall be thereunto required by the said 
Court, and the same goods, chattels and credits, and all the other 
goods, chattels and credits of the deceased at the time of his death 
which shall any time after come into the possession of the said Mf r 
or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for 
her, do well and truly administer according to law, and do further 
make a just and true account of her acti doings therein, 
when thereunto required by the said Court and all the rest and res- 
idue of the said goods, chattels and credits which shall be found 

Ining upon the said administrator's account, the same being firj 
examined and allowed by the trustees of the Court, for the time 
being shall deliver and pay unto such person and persons respectiv- 
ely, as the said trustees by their order of judgement shall direct, 
pursuant to the laws in that case made and provided, and if it shall 
hereafter appear that any last will and testament was made ~oj the 
said deceased, and the executor or executors therein would do, ex- 
hibit the same unto the said Court, making request to have it all- 
owed and approved accordingly. If the said Mary being thereunto 
required to render and deliver up her letters of administration, 
approbation of such testament being first had, and made in the said 
Court. Then this obligation to be void and of non effect, or else 
to remain in full force and virtue. 

Signed: her 

Mary x Rush 

Robert Green 

At a court held for Orange Co. on Tuesday, the 17th of February, 
1735> Mary Rush and Robt. Green, Gent., in and before court ack- 
nowledged this their bond, for Mary's faithful and true adminis- 
tr tion of the estate of William Rush, deceased, which is admitted 
to record. 
Teste: Henry Willis Signed ? Clerk of Court 

Will Book I, Orange Co. Va. Inventory of William Rush estate. 

6 cows and crlfs & 23 shoats praised to fc 

7 horses and marea 
15 Ho 
2 saddles 

2 guns 

3 beds and furniture 
3 potts 
2 chests 
Skilloits and iron martar 

2 stone jugs 

3 pales and piggons 
Cooper's tools 
Carpenter's tools 
I cross cutt saw 
I box (?) 
Rasping hooks 
Old Frow 



s 10 





















Spoon Mould 5 

Frying pan, Sadlo and Flesh Fork 2 

Books and Glass 5 

IS 6 

Prosuant to an order of Orange Co. °ourt, we the subscribers 
first sworn before a Justice of the Peace for the said County 
Court, Lsed the estate of William Rush, deceased before 

us viz: his 

L chellxG-lover 

Henry x i.cCoy 
William. Lucas 

Culpeper County Deed Eook S p. 65. Tais indenture made this the 
18th day of September, in the Year of our lord 1753, bjr and be- 
tween Benjamin Rush of the county of Celpeper of the one part and 
John Thomas of the same county of the other part, Witnesseth- that 
the said Eenjamin Rush for and inconsideration of rents and cov- 
enants hereinafter mentioned, doth demise, grant, bargain and sell 
unto the said John Thomas one certain tract or oarcel of land con- 
taining 100 acres, situa.te, lying and being in the county aforesaid 
and being part of 400 acres formerly granted to William Rush by pa- 
tent, the said VJilliam Rush dying without will and his son William 
dying without heirs of his body, the said land descended to the 
said Benjamin Rush as being the next heir of the said William Rush, 
the elder, which land intended to be let by the lands of Mr. Anth- 
ony Strother and Major Phillip Rootes on one side, thence down a 
branch etc... Rent to be paid 475 pounds of tobacco each jeer. 

Signed Benjamin Rush 

Culpeper Co. Virginia, Deed Book B. This indenture made this 20th 
day of December in the 28th year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord 
G-eor/e 2nd etc. . .between Benjamin Rush of Culpeper Co. and Rachel 
his wife of the one part and Phillip Rootes of Stratton Major Far- 
ish and County of King and Queen etc. . . Benjamin Rush and wife Rach- 
el, for and in consideration of the sum of 100 pounds current money 
of Virginia, etc. . .March 20th, 1756. 

Culpeper Co. Va., "ill B ook G. James Rush's Will. 

In the name of God-, amen. I, James Rush, of the Parish of 
Brumfield in Culpeper Co., being sick and weak of body but in per- 
fect sense and memory, do make and ordain this my last will and 
testament in the following manner and from the following, viz: 
Lve and bequeath to my niece, Ann McAllister, all the lands 
whereon William Rush now lives on, and all the appurtenances be- 
longing, to her and her heirs forever. 

I constitue and ordain this my last will and testament, as 
witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 7th day of June 
in the year of our Lord 1788. 

(Signed) James Rush L.S. 
Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of 
John Smith, 
Elizabeth Smith, 

it Crimm 


Court held for o . Dec. 15, 1788, this last ..'111 

testament of Vi lli la::. R : just copied,) de- 

ceased, "'"" " roved by the oaths of 

John i ' eth, twc . ' 3S 3to, 3 ordered 
to be records . 

Letters of ai 

sAlllster, ivlng tb i .nt and Iven bond 

be: J oil. _ , 

.., 11 . 

iav : 

1 chest and box 7x9, 1 broad axe, 1 adz, 4 stone jugs 2/6 

£ 8 s d 3 
1 Iron Frow,3/, 1 old adze 2/, 1 rifle 24/ 

Jack, plane and Smootl ' 1 14 

bch Blanket 6/, "inter stock 1 Iron 3/ 
Isaws 7/6 16 

ig Knife and Hammer 4/ °howell, "imblebit, 
Chisel and Rasp 6/6 10 6 

1 Dr compasses 7 d pr., Parcel of old Iron, razor, 
old saddle and 2 bottles -9 ll| 

Teste: Jno. Jamerson ... erry; 

E. Berry, 
J. Smelte 
Held to Culpeper Court June 15, 1789. 

Culpeper Co. Va Deed Book B. , p. 225 (1735-1750.) 

This indenture made the 21st day of Dec 3 in the 28th j 
of our Soverlgn Lord George 2nd (1755,) by the Grace of Cod, of 
Gre t Britiani Prance and Ireland, ; Defender of the Faith 

. MDCCLIV, etween Benjamin Rush of Culj 
and Phillip Bootes of the Parish of Stratton Major and County of 
King and ^ueen of the other Ltnesseth; bhat bhe ija- 
min Hush for and in consideration of the sum of 5 shillings ster- 

Lm in hand paid before the s and delivering of the 
receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge and thereof and of ev- 
ery part thereof, doth hereby acquit and dii bhe said 
Phillip Rootes, his heirs, executors and administrators and assigns, 
all that tr wet or/>a$rcel of land containing 300 acres, being the 
same more or less, situate, lying and being in the County of Cul- 
peper and is the land and plantation whereon the said Benjamin Hush 
now liveth, adjoining to the said land of said Phillip Rootes, and 
is a part of a tract of 400 acres granted to William Rush, the' 
father of the said Benja , id bounded as the following,... 
To have and to hold the said plantation or tract of land and all 
and singular the above bargained and demised premises with the ap- 
purtenaces unto the said Phillip Rootes, his heirs, administra- 
tors and assigns from the day next before the date of res- 
ents for and during and until the full end and term of one whole 
year thence next ensuing and fully to he completed and en 3d. 
Yielding and paying therefor the rent' of one year of Indian corn 
on the' 23th day of I arch next ensui ;, de- 

, virtue of these presents ana 

of the statute for transferring uses into posses; .°aid 
Phillip Rootes may be in actual possession of the premises and be 


led to accept e of the reversh Ltance there- 

of to. ' n his heirs forver. 

In witness whereof the said Benjamin/] i into set his hand 
and seal the day and year first above written. (Signed) 

hi Rush, 
s presence of 
John Scott 
John Kelly 
James Rush 
At a Court held for this county of Culpeper Thursday, the 20th 
day of March 1755. This indenture of lease from Benjamin Rush to 
Phillip Rootes acknowledged and recorded. 

,.er Dixon, Clerk. 

The lease of Benjamin %sh 1753 tells us that he is the son 
of the William Rus] -.tented 400 acres of 1 ' Lth- ' 

out a will, and t] filliam's son William died without heirs, 
and that this latter Willia ; . ■ of Benja 

lease to philli] Rootes. This Benj sars to have 

been nmarried in 1755, but by 1756 had married Rachel . See 

their lease of 1756. 

Ljamin Rush and - .lpeper had 

a son . .. and probably a son James, as well us a son William, 

erhaps other Shildreil. ire copied the declarations of 
a Benjamin Rush of Madison u o., Va., and of his family, he , 
born 1759. These records were found in Rappahannock Co., which was 
until 1333 a part of Culpeper. 

Benjamin "'•ash born 1759 married in 1782, Jemima Thomas, daugh- 
ter of John Thomas of Culpeper Co. Benjamin died 1831, and Jemima 

in 1346. Their children were? 

1. Isabella Rush married Ephraim heaver, 

2. Elizabeth Rush, 

:. Massa Rush, born 1709, 

4. Tl sh Born 1793, 

5. L Lldred Rush born 1795, married Slz t ' , 

6. nett Rash 

. .ooley, 1950 Vest 81st St., Los ^ngeles, (1935,) 
reported that descended from a James ■■' , ho had a son 
Benjamin, who married Rachel s pringer of Virginia, They 

, y . and tl le s c end t 1 aimed 
was from Virginia) said that his grandfather, father of J a , 
also a Benjamin Rush,, Is recorded in Barren 

Co. Ky: Benjamin Rush to Rachel Springer, J. ly 14, 1305. 

! . 

14, 1930 

Petition of Benj t , Dec. 8, 1819, to the Legislature of 

hi, stated that he enlisted 1777 as he for two years. 
Service was on Western frontier of Virginia, he "was severly 
wounded and was an invalid ever since. Granted 


# Rap] lock °o. Virginia, Sash, a resi- 

dent of siaddcounty, aged 83 years, that she is the widow of 

, late cf Madison county, who was a soldier in the 
Revolutionary iVar, and a pensioner for some years. She declares 
that she was married to said Benjamin Rush who died March 13, 1851$ 

she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service, 
but that the marriage took place peevious to January 1, 1794. 

/s/ Jemima (x) Rash 


Personally appeared hTe, 

and ^lzay -is:-: and Mildred (Rash) lis wife, all of Culpeper Go. 

and Tl ihannoc " . o state f 

only living children and heirs of Tend his 

wife, late of the County of Madison ana State of Virg:i ' , 

will appear in the ancient family record of their parents. They 

Ion the death of their mother, ; 16, 

-\ql~11. of Benjamin their father, March 11, 1831. Benjamin had 
received pension os sixty dollars per year from Januaryl, 1820 
to the date of his deat] . 8 . ?n to January 13, 1 

Marriage Bond, Culpeper Co. Virginia, March 18, 1782, states t' 
Jemima Rush was the daughter of Jo' n of Culpeper/ 

Benjamin Rash of Madison County, Virginia, petitioned for pension 
December 8, 1819. Cranted. 

Records in Pension Pile. 

August 10, 1839. Rappahannock c ounty. 

Jemima Rush, widow of Benjamin Rash, late of Madison County, Va., 
is a soldier and a pensioner for some years. They were mar- 
ried March 1782. 

In a history of Madison County, Virginia, by Yowell, p. 67, 
Benjamj 's,name is listed as having served in the Revolution. 
p. 14, same history: "The Robinson River Church is the third oldest 
Baptist Church in Madison. The records of the other two churches 
have been destroyed, but fortunately the records of this church 
are still preserved. The family names that have been connected 
this church since the beginning are as follows", etc. The n 
d he list. 


lj . Ln Rush(died Lladison Co. fa.,] 
October 10, 1759, 

Jemima his wife, July 25, 1755 

slla Rush, March 1, 1705, 


Massa Rush, October 25:/ 

Thomas A *ush, December 25, 1793, 

Milley ^ush, December 30, 1795, 

nett Rush (partly obliterated) February 10, 1796, 

Emma Rush, July 21, 1820, 

William Th is, sbruary 15, 1772, 

] , sbruary 1G, 1822 


Benjamin Rush and Jemii - rch 19, 

Betsy Rush married Epl vor March 17, 1809' (cr 7) 

Led :■ 30, 1819, 

lzey Sisk , 


Isabella " 
Betsey A ush 
Mass a Rush 

ias Rush 


rnett Rush 

Ru sh 
Elizabeth Rush 

William Thomas 
Biddy Thomas 
George Thomas 

John Thomas 
Emma Thomas 

- and ATilliam ■• 
! tsh 

Jemima Rush 


October 10, 175C, 
July 23, 1756, 
December 8, 1782, 

cch 1, 1785, 
October 25, 1789, 
December 25, 1793, 
December 30, 1795, 
February 10, 1796, 
July 21, 1820, 
February 16, 1822, 

February 15, 1772, 

12, 1788, 
. ;ust 21, 1769 
December 24, 1778, 

smber 30, 1798, 
Decemberl, 1814 

.s l orn June 26, 1CS4 
October I , 

. DHS 

■ch IS, 1831, 
•ch 21, IS : . 

It appears fr R h notes t! 

Rachel Rush had a son James, s is conjee tare. 

Benjamin and Rachel had a son As this 

is not the line of the compiler, no special search on this Rush 
branch has been made. She merely copied and re-copies here such 
items as were picked up on Rush lines. A James Rush Witnessed 
lease Benjamin Rush to Phillip Rootes, 1755. Mrs. ■-. B. Imel, 
Gushing, Olfcla., is a descendant of this line. 


our Benjamin ■ - ' bhe son of 

ushlll and wife Elizabeth , who died 1707, for 

ons stated: 

1. That there was another heir, a son, in settlement of estate 
of ■Villiam Rushlll, ' i ;h he is no1 

2. ;h \ ''illiam IV, be tl ildest son" of 
Lllia I , 1 ou3 i tented 

on the same day, i.e., 11 May 1726, which they sold 1734. (See 
page 38 . ) 

Benjamin ^ushl, brother of William 3a "**, and son of 
bshlll, (who died 1707) an 5 , 

in the County adjoining Westmoreland, t a ; , 
George Co. Va., prior to the year 1722. 

date of the birth of Benjamin Rush I, son of William III 
and Elizabeth, is unknown, as is the da1 _ rr: .he 

was born after 1691, since he was under age in 1712, the date of 
the final settlement of his father's estate, anc married 

prior to 1716, as 1717 is the year his son Benjamin Rush II . 

In the inventory of the personal estate of his father, Wil- 
liam Rush III, there is mention of "one pair of children's shoes" 
the only item of clothing mentioned. his wife in 172 uney, 

and she was the mother of his children, judging from the number 
of descendants of Benjamin II and others who bore the name "A 
We do not know her maiden name. as evidently the widow of 

James Elkins, and had a son Jos. s, and probably James 


In Index of Xing George Co. Va. Ree. "ourt Order Book 1721- 
1734, p. 350* Feb. 3, 1726, BenjamJ ppointed - for 

Joseph elkins. . 

lg George "o. .he. Court Order Book 1721-1734, 
p. 322: henj . ll ush vs estate of John Williams, Judgement record- 
ed 1 July 1726. Nathaniel Elkins, administrator. 

Virginia bounty . Lungstedt, v ol. 6, p. . mes 

Lindall, of Salem, Essex City, power to Capt. -enj . ] 

same town, and John -armanson, Esq., and Mr. John Bowdoln in 
Accom ■ a. or eit] s , tush 

and henry Elkins, Nansemonc , .., v. 1713. 

Lers Quarterly, July 1937, p. 481: crd Co. Recor . 

Richard Elkins, King George Co., son of Ralph ^lkins of Staf- 
ford, who on Nov. S, 1681, etc. Ralph died hay 26, 1690, and 
and sons Richard and Nathaniel. Richard hud son il Ic ia . 

The following deeds explain our reasons for tl hat 

, wife of Benjamin Rash was the widow of James Elkins: 


The original Court Order Book at King 3eorge, King Ceor^e 
Co. Va., for the years 1721-1734, on p. 78, date 4 Jan. 1722, 
has the following entry: "Elkins, Janes — Inventory presented 
In Court by Benjamin Rush and , wife, administrators of 
the said deceased's estate, which was ordered to be recorded." 

In King George C unty -curt Order Book 1721-17: , L-A, 
p. 294, we find the following: "This indenture made 5 July 1734, 
between Benjamin ush jand A Ife, of Brunswick Parj , 
County oj -6r~c, and James Jones, for all those two sev- 
eral plantations and pieces or parcels of land situated in the 
Parish of Brunswick, in County of King Beorge, one hundred acres 
thereof now in t enure or 'occupation of said - Ln Bush, the 
art of 1300 acres of land formerly granted, Bob. 9, 
1663, to Brands naile and " . ert. These 250 acres Being 
sold to James Jones by Joseph Blki is as per release dated 51 
August 1732 eta. .. .dower oB . 250 acres from Joseph 

Elkins." 30th ^ugust 1732. 

B-.ere could be no way for -"my to have had a dower right 
in the Elkins land, unless she were the wodow of Joseph Elkins. 
Was Amy a -"imams? 

The land njamin Hush obtained by grant in 1726, 
the same day his brother .''illiam obtained land, was sold in 
1734, as shown by the following abstract: Va. "o. Rec . Vol. I, 
ppl32-33, Spotsylvania :, 1734-1742, Bay 7, 1734. Ben — 
Hush of King George ^c. to Anthony Strother of Spotsylvania 
., 40 lbs. currency, 307 acres in *-t. Bark's Parish, Spotsylvania 
Co., In fork of Rappahannock Hiver, granted said Rash by patent 
1 . 1726. Bay 7, 1734. , 'e of Benjamin Rash acknowledged 
her dower. 

Ltfield wrote that, "A Btrother woman mentioned her 
niece, Barriett Rash, in her ill, "but at the time of writing 
she could not find the reference, which is given here: Bauquier 
. .ills, ■•111 of brother, 1847, mentions icy Cut- 
and her sister Barriett Rash." 

Genjamin and "my Rash leased Ian,. r follwoing the 
above transaction, (in 1735,) in Prince "illiam County, Va., and 
may have moved there then. They were living in prince ••illiam 
Co. in 1759, and apparently were there from 1735. This leas. 
found at Kanassas Court Bouse, Prince "illiam Co. .. , , 

1732-1755, p. 75, dated 22 Bay 1736: 

Lease and release from Burr Barrison to Benjamin Rush of King 
George C . Va., and ;, is ife, 112 acres from Capt. Scarlett's 
line north 41 and east 240 rods along Scarlett's line to 
Occoquan River, thence west 17 degrees, south 246 poles to a marked 
tree standing upon Barampseo just below the main head, thence down 
the run to the beginning. Signed at a Court of Prince Billiam Co* 
17 .September 1735. (Botice discrepancy in dates.) 

Benjamin Rush I wrote his will in Brince -illiam Co. Virgin- 
ia in 1759, and ^-^my was then living. He appointed his son, Ben- 
jamin Rush and his wife Amy as CO- executors . The will was proved 
in Bute County, North Carolina, January 1T67. 


Mrs. Afhifield calls attention to the f 
, (his son,) .vac called" Junior, " in a certain deed of 17C2, 

hich v;e shall hear later,) and signed his name "Jr." but 
the "Jr." does not appear in a deed of 1766 and is not a part of 
his signature, : .' Lch she judged that Benjamin I died between 
17C2 and 1766, which is correct. 

The compiler found the inventory of his personal estate 
which was filed in Bute Co. . . Later a cony of his will was 
found, which was filed in the same county in 1767. The inventory 
of is personal estate was filed August 1768 and signed "Benjamin 
Rush, Exec," which miyht indicate that k lead too by 1768. 

Or she may have chosen not to qualify as co-executor. She must 
have been at this date around 75 to 78 years of age. The state- 
ment is made, "Then Benja. Rush, the executor therein named 
qualified, etc." 


7" :: . . .' of the County of 

Prince William in the Colon; La, eing of pe] alth 

and of sound mind and memory blessed be God, do this thirteenth 
day of October in the year of our lord God one thousand seven 
hundred and fifty-nine, make ordain y last 

will and testament revoking all former and other wills heretofore 
by me made, acknowledging this and this only to b c my last ."/ill 
and testament in manner and form follwoing, to-wit, I recommend 
ray sould to Aim o ave it to me and my body to 

/hence it came to be buried in a decent manner at the discre- 
tion of my exec .tors hereaf ter named. 

I jive and bequeath unto my loving wife Amey Aish 
the use and benefit and occupation of all my personal estate 
which I desire she may enjoy during her natural life ana after her 
decease I jive and bequeath the same increase there- 

of to my loving son, Benjamin Rush and his heirs forever. 

I jive and bequeath to my loving son Benjamin .lush and 
to his heirs forever five hundred and twenty acres of land, it be- 
yreater tract containing six hundred and forty acres 
of land acituate and lying and being in the County of Jranville in 
North Carolina lying on both sides of Sandy °reek granted to me by 
indenture bearing date the twentieth day of June in the Year of our 
Lord one thousand seven hudred and forty nine relation thereunto 
bein~ had may more fully and at large appear and lastly I consti- 
tute my lo fe and my loving son : . sh to be my whole 
and sole execs, of this my last .'II' Testament. In Witness 
whereof I ereunto sett my hand c - affixed my seal the da 
month and year above written. My will is that my estate shall not 
be appraised. 

;ned, sealed ant" published as and for the last will and 
Testam. of the said Benja. Rush in presence of us. 

Benja Rush (I. S) 

. . Parcel 
Jas. Pierce 
Thos Soil J0S# Martln 


County of Bute. January Court, 17 . . LI was. proved 

; oath of Thos. Boll, one of the subscrj ■ lesscs there- 

to and on notion It was ordered to be recorded then Benja. Rush 
the executor therein named Qualified as such is ordered co 

be cerif i . . 

Test , cCullock C C 

the North Carolina Historical Commission, Bute County Rec- 
ords, Wills and Inventories, 1760-1300, Part III, page 80. 

.. I. orae, Secretary 

;I. C. Historical Commission. 
Raleig] , . . , eb. 10, 1933. 

" " :":: t . 

An inventory of the estate of Benjamin Rush, deceased, 7. 


To cash in the house, 20 pounds 7 T ir3inia currency, G3 head of 
hogs, 1 of cattle, 7 head of sheep, 2 hogi ;co,- 

one 930 lbs. the other 900 lbs., 1 ; o. 2 clivesscs, 3 grub- 
hose, 4 axes, a crop of corn, fodder, pease, beans and potatoes, 
3 tobacco , off-r , sualdry pieces 

of ploughs and cart , 3 feather bei , 

s, 14 tables, 4 pewter is, 11 plates, 3 basins, 8 tin pans, 
plates, 3 , Lshes, 14 pewter spoons., 2 gallon jugs, 
3 earthen pots, i pewter chamber pot, 1 earthen cream pot, some 
pieces old pev. er, ] iss ettles, 1 gun, 1 man's saddle, 1 woman's 
le, 2 bridles, 2 hatchets, 4 pails, 
er, 2 tanned sheepskins, 4 tanned deer skins, £ tables and 2 
chests, 1 small box, 1 small trunk, 1 safe, 1 quart mug, 1 box iron 
eaters, 2 broad hoes, 2 narrow hoes, 1 ladles and flesh fork, 
lir small fire , ! shovel, 1 gridiron, J aker, 4 tin 
, 1 tin pepper box, 1 pewter custard pot, 5 c ees, 

;, lcruet, 1 pocket bottle, 1 looking glass, a clothes br - , 
1 candle stick and" snuffers, 1 frying pan, 3 chairs, 1 knife to cut 
tobacco, 2 bibles, 1 testament, 2 psalters, 1 prayer cook, 2 sand 
sieves, 2 griddles, 2 old broken skillets, 6: old files, 1 pair steel 
yards, 1 pair irons, 2 old spurs, 4 

gimlets, 1 pair sheep shears, C padlocks, i towels, 8 snail fisl 
, lies, 1 pocket dial, 2 old : ooks, 1 

dor. -half quire , L awl- ides, 1 foot a ;, 

all parcel of saddle tacks, 2 claw hammers, cer's tenant 
saw, ' , , Lsels, 1 hi Hots tdz, 1 

viders, 1 trowel, 1 coopers axe, 1 wooden square, 1 joynter, 1 

stock, 16 horn butts, 15 metal butts, 6 dec, 
buttons, 1 sotck loch , >les, -'on 

, 11 ti tie cask, 1 smitha , , air 

id punches 11 bits or ir I, '. 

of nippers, 5 table knives and 7 forks, 

s, , i cups, aathes, 1 tin 

funnell, 2 bre j , a parcel 7- ms j 

little old boxes, ■ Les, littL paps of old Li , l| 
of old brass, 3 iron potts a , 

1 old hide, 1 meal si. ,er, fls, 1 small 

pocket pistol, 1 X , , 3 horse , 1 ] r. 

horse , -ir sizzors, a parcel of beeds, 7 ; 


linen, 3 small iron hooks, 1 big tooth comb, 1 small thoth cam , 
2 small vials, 1 tobacco : , nuff boxes, 2 clasp knives, 1 
steel thimble, 1 oen nive, 1 pr. spectacle., i . vool 

La, 1 pr new cotton cards, 1 woolen wheel, 1 .. ,; about 
ishels over of clean wheat and about . of oats, 1 

ink pott, 2 pair of Copper compasses, o - .1 and a peck 
measures, 2 small hoop vessels, 1 old saddle, 2 old cart bridles, 

Signed, Benjamin Rush, Exec. 

Bute County ~. Court, August Court, 1768. 

This inventory was returned into Court enjamin - 
Executor, on oath, and the same was thereupon record 

Test: Ben I cCullock, J 

.; . . . . dwell 

An a -1 inventory of ye estate of Be: 

To one old ivory headed cane, 2 cut bo knives, 1 old leather wal- 
let, 1 pair temple spectacles, 1 pair old spurs, 'idle 
bits, to saw set, 1 old saddle tree, 1 gimp cap, 1 chair . 
a debt received, 10 lbs. . oney, 

Ers excepted, pr Benja. Rush, 
v istorical Commission, * i . 

R. Newsome, Secretary, Rale'- , . C., Feb. 9, 1933. 

Mrs. Whitfield wrote under date of Larch 13, 1934, as fol- 
: "In prince -illiam County, Virginia, I sa . lin 

Rush was granted to run an "Ordinary." Recently I read - 
•Archbishop Burnaby, who visited Virginia in 1789, wrote, "Inns 
were called Crinaries in America, and were peculiar to tj 
They were kept by gentlemen, and only such were entertained." ' ' 
In the inventory obtained from North Carolina, there were four- 
teen tables listed. Benjamin Rush may have had such a business 
there too. The number of carpenter's tools listed seems to im- 
that he was a carpenter too, which is an important business 
in a new country . 

The grant of land referred to in the will of Benja] 
is found in the record of grants, Secretary of State Office, 
. !., Book 14 (1750-1, , , o 84: 

Benjamin Rush six hundred and forty acres of land in G-r - 
ville County on the ^outh side of Sandy Creek, 

red oak in Martin's line, thence line north 540 poles , 
to a hickory in Terrel's line, thence by his lin ..est 

98 poles, to a red oak, Whence sout_ . . t 240 poles to a 
red oak, thence south 340 poles to a po] . once east co 
beginning. 20th day of June, 1749. 

llote that this line was adjacent to Terrel's and Martin's 
' larolina intermarried with 

both Terrell' artin's. 


Bate . , p. 245. . sborn Jeffries, Sheriff of Bute Cou - 
ty tc Benjamin Ward, Sheriff's deed, 14 Feb. 176< . Ver- 

ier Court of Please and Quarter Sessions of 

27, 1767, in John Butler vs - Henry Westbrook 

"levied on land o •• to a line between 

the si md Hegekiah Terrell former line an the 

original line to the first station, it being northernmost and and 
the°one-half of six .;cres of land taken up by 

the said Hezekiah Terrell, etc., and made over to the said Rash 
by Hezekiah Terrell by a deed bearing dabe the 13 
ber 1762, etc." 

In vol. 10, p. 466, ] . 3. Records, Edgecomb Co., -uv. £6, 1744, 

imin Rush asks for grant of land, 300 acres. c before ed, 

Cranville G o. was formed in 1746 from Edgecomb Co. He do not know 
which Benjamin this jas who requested this grant of 300 acres. 

In Vol. 8, page 707, a land ;rant was also requeste 
jamin Rash. Bute was formed 1760 from Granville, and the Rash 
grants ra sen in Edgecoj b first, later In Sranville and then 
in Bute. Bute remained until 1779, and then w as formed into Frank- 
lin and Warren. The records are at ,;arrenton, in Warren Co., and 
in these two latter counties the Rash's were numerous in later years, 

do not know definitely the names of all the children of 
Benjamin RushI and his wife, Amy. Our Benjamin Rushll was, ac- 
cording bhe the fragmentary record we have, the eldest child, and 
appears to have received, according tc custom, the largest part of 
his father's estate. His father had probably given land or money 
or slaves .and toer property to his other children when they mar- 
ried, as the custom was. /"e have record of some of these deeds. 
Benjamin Rush requested that there be no appraisal made of his es- 
tate, yet an inventory -vac son and executor, and was 

ite in d etail. It is possible that Amy died about the 
ti e Benjamin did, and that t] ; reason for the dsal. 

8 to 11, and in pages following ..ill be found a re- 
cord oF these deeds ana , so far 

Concerning the children of Benjamin an . .6 their mar- 
;es, these is s me confusion. . . - , 

, rexas sent the compiler some f ound 

in the bilhle of her gra , ■ jvaney) Sherlock. fhere 

is no be ;inning, no ending, no salutation or signature. rhere 
are notes on side of e in a different hand-writ: ig 

from that of the latter. Neither h . . er's 

and whe did not know who wrote the letter or the notes: "The en- 
closed part of a letter I found in old letters. I donnto know 
anything about it, as there is no name or date or address. You 
may recognize it and it may be of some assistance. Please return 
to me." The bible records sent at that time are recorded on pp 
19 and 20 of this record. 

— "That he likedyou so much. He 1 ition now, is 

at home in Demopalis, He wrote yesterday that when he got home 
he "ound one of his brothers in bed bandaged up from head to foot, 
orse ran away with him ( . ' , bruised him terribly and 


broke Lis leg, below ne - is getting along very nicely not- 

I know you miss the 


girls. ..lien you write them, give them my love, and tell them to 

write me and I will c_. eriletters. I wanted to 

send them , re the; ..ere. I 

i you the record oj sh family as papa 

got it in N.G. several years ago. _' , first is an ancient fa - 

re clo not know exactly who they are, but papa thinks ] 
ly that this Benjamin Rash 


is the Signer of the Declaration of Indenpendence, as his age is 
about the same as the Signer's and this man is papa's grandfather's 
grandfather he thinks and these others are sisters and cousins he 



This Benjamin is papa's father- and Uncle "ira at Lake, you know. 
pe these datew will prove help to your friend. 
e names — (here ends this part of the letter.] 

piler sent copies i ove record to both Miss -el- 

. , itfields, and gives theri resp 

- Kelly says in letter date . 5, 1942, ( .Sash, 

, Miss., ( I went co see him,) showed me the copy made before 
1886, in Stanley Co. ... C, , cl copied in that frag- 

ment, dates 1717, 1719, 1721, 1723, 1725, 1727, 1729, and 1731, a 
A e_, An Li .Not . orn 1717. Mrs. Rash's 

?a Simeon Rash, son of Martin rn 1794. . ; bi- 

•. longed to -imeon's half-brother, Robert Terrell , who 

died unmarried and another half-brother named Ma] , things 

later and the connection and contact has dropped, so he couldn't 
tell me jcame of the Bible. I thJ been 

in contact with this crane 1 , . be she can fidd this original 

bible and get a photostat. I want one, too." 

Concerning this recor^, itfield said in letter ov. 

13, 1937: "Now, with reference to Mrs. Cruger's records, I be- 
lieve most certainly that his our Benjamin (1717), and his broth- 
ers and sisters. I believe this Jane born 1725, sister of Benja- 
min 1717 is the Jans in the deed Bute C . . i. : o- enjamin 
Rush to jaughter Jane, wife of G-eorge Bledsoe. Then the deed 
by the older Benjamin. You will recall that he didn't die until 
1767-8. I am very elated over this new find, and while we had 
never heard of all these brothers and sisters, we had heard of 
, ibeth and Jane and I consider tl establis] 

bthe nd sisters of Ln Jr. , 

of Benjamin °r., Jr. also ] 

a daugh ;er Ann, the one who married a obert tnd lived in 

North 3arc lina. is com - «i :rs. 

ield,and Inks Mrs. , 

Silas Gilbert, .de the old chart, both got the generations 

, a . Lock did too. ( aney notes.) 


7 ; c shall ace. list rent . , 'or the chj i- 

ren of Benjamin Rush , Lfe. 

1. Benjamin Sash, rn February 5, 1717; ..".., 

Peb. 3, 1719; ( 

3. A , born February 1, 1721; 

4. Sash, born 3r 13, 1723; q.. . 

5. Jane t^ush, born I 5, 1720; . . 
1. A] ... , . l , 1727; 

7. ush, \) born Julj 7, 1 1 

now little of any of b n jarain and 

eir eldss . Ld, ja [I, .or 

of t: ler, . , as -.veil ac Mrs. 

:ts, traditions, etc. concc se 

ave come 10 Land. 

1. Benjamin Rush, son o^' .. ; Rus . ,Ve will take 
up later this Benjamin II, pried Alice Srigsby, then Elisabeth, 
and had perhaps another wife. 

2. , (Catheri , lvin^ lame Is almost indeciph- 
as born Feb. 3, 17 19 and re have no farther record of 

3. A . , Lliam, 7/illiam, 

V/illia orn February 1, 1721. or later 

history. Mrs. "a (Harris Palmer stated on the old charl ide 

in 1863, that "017 

y - 

■- > 1 - 

made no special search for Srigs- 
, it in another section . i id i . . 

In the [Jrigsby line there copie , we fin . 

;er born 1844, . It is possible t 

..1111 . rrig shy. 

4. -i: , i l , . , .,-..,) 

3r 13, 1722 , of 

opinion among descendants concernin . ppears 

to "be he Slizabet , as her descend., 

state. Mrs. .. . Ltt, a dexcendants, .. , 

following information concerning her line, in letter dated "• ;. 
25, 1927. lates are all ... , we accept the list Mrs. 

er sent. She stated that her ancestor, , was 

born . /a., 17 ^pril 1715, died after May 23, 

1801. That he married 177., Amy, I 1742, She had seve 

..eir daughter, -1' (ush, oorn 1735, married 1753, 
Jofehua Perry, died ] ' . -nd their daughter, . sh perry 
ried Jesse Person, son of It. Col. Vdm. Person of CranvilJ . . ., 
and his wife "nn barter. Presley °. Person, son of Jesse and 
(Rush) Person, married Mary Arri , nd their son, "nthony Per- 
son married firs", ■Elizabeth "7. Terrell on 7>ec. 12, ] , ... second, 
on lucy u . -avis. arolin Ferson, 7 ony 

Elizabeth (Terrell) Person, married Jos , ;re 

the parents of Lau , o married .. Ditt. it 

: of Benj L not die wiatil after 1759. Mrs. 
bitt gave the year of I . as 1742. 


jnora " . ^onald, (Mrs. . L. ) , ., on, 

wrote the compiler as folic . e of October 9, 1827: 

of my ancestor, Joshua Perry, boim 1726, died 11 , 
:• 35 , . . 

she -vas che daughter c !ush. Le name of Terrell is 

not familiar to me, bat t - I orry connceticn must be mine 
too. My mother's name was Godwin, and her mother's Perry. 

/as the daughter of Jeremiah Perry, son of Joshua Perry who 
married Elizabeth Rush. 

Ror Perry and Person notes see pages eight and nine of this 
manuscript. We note there that a Reremiah Perry married Frances 
Massey, "bond 26 May 1778, "ill is Perry, security. 

Joshua Perry and Elizabeth \ ;erry, his wife, deed of sale to 
ices Perry, proven 28 August 1770, Johnston Co. M, "., is a 
note found in County Court Minutes 1759-1783, Part 2, p 29. 

..ted in a letter to this compiler sley 
Carter Perse:' . Bobbitt's great grandfat . le said; 
Some old ladies in Louisburg, daughters of his oldest: son, (corn 
1805) told me in 1910 that Presley Carter Person's mother 

rash, daughter of Benjamin Rush of the three marriages, 
call ;er Rush, " "1 have fairly full data of all Presl 
person's descendant of his brothers and sisters. 

I spent several hours with Mrs. Harris ( 3ESon, ) and Mrs. 

Person (Prudence Person,) - ied a first cousin, a 

, . is data in 191 . 

..ill be noted from 3tract of will .. . - 

o married a Person, or. He 

died Nov. 20, 1815, and hie i: Polly* 

later married Jesse Reid, on January 15, 1822. ; sons 
named Jeremiah and Joshua, as well as other children. 

Amy Person's will, dated Marchl, 1831, names daughter 
•son, Sons, Benjamin P. Person, henry Person, Jessee 
Person, ■■'illias Person and Presley Person. Execs, "on Presley 
Person and friend Sam Perry. 

Irs. •'. ... 3obbitt, of Indianapolis, had this to say: 
"Presley Carter Person, my grandfather, was the eldest child 
of a big family of boys and girls, whose mother was Anabel Rash 
Perry, married to Jesse Person, son of William Person, -ranvllle 
Co. N. C, afterwards divided and the aprt containing the Per- 
sonlands was and is to this day known as Person Co., an< ? 
county seat is Rocboro. Ls -mabel Rash Perry was a daughter of 
Joshua Perry and his wife, tush, ;. ter of 

, o with his brother Solomon came to old Bate Co. ". C, 
from Philadel Lo&, 

for Bate u o. v : 

iklin and the o . of ~ute came to be l .ter 
General ,Varren. T ' In another letter, L925, foitt 
says further: "An old , )f J esse and 

ears ago, a^ed 96. 
a rand-daughter of ^r. - two brothers, 

"olomon." Concerning thi£ 
is untrue, for ihildren of Br. Benjamin Rash the "igner, 
are all given in §he Rush piece -per. 


"'lorencc , . f .Worth, , 

wrote Lr ancestor, Elizabeth --Rush married Joshua 

Perry. i'he Terrell and Wilson fatally are connected... There 
were early Rush's in Virginia, not of our line... The Rush family 
in Lorth Carolina first mentioned in Flat Rock Cree .. Lnia 
did not have the Quakers, so suppose the family came aboat the 
time that a number from Philadelphia did... Yes, Mrs. Bottitss and 
I are cousins through the Perry and Rash lines, also through the 
Davis. Our grandmothers were sisters, grandfathers cousins. - . 
Settle Creen Sedberry, of Baco, descendant of Nancy Rush and "Br. 
Sedberry, was one of my best friends.. she and sisters, Susan, 
Alice, 'annie, all gone. Capt. Sedberry was her uncle, perhaps-- 
two of that family left, Frances and ^lice." Miss Sawyer is mis- 
taken, too in saying that we are not from the Virginia" Rush' s, 
and that Virginia did not have the Quakers. The Sedberry family 

.m she speaks are Rush descendants, and will appear" later in 
this record. 

Mrs. -^onald, Mrs. Bobbitt and Lis.: .11 descended from 

min Rush through a daughter who married Joshua ir'erry. They 
differ in the dates they give and none of them jive the authority 
for Jormation. It is quite eveident, however, that an 
Blizabehh Rush married a Joshua Perry, and that she .. - 

ter of Benjamin Rush I and 

have gone into some detail concerning the varicas opin- 
ions and traditions concerning the early Rash ancestors:. Family 

.ions c^re always worhty of attention, for they nearly al 
contain some grain of truth, among many errors. These notes and 
letters are from widely separated branches of the Rush descendants, 
in some instances, and therein they agree, it is likely that the, 
are partly true. 

Brs. .urn warden Cruger, who found the bible record of the 
family of . EushI, had the following information con- 
cerning Benjamin. lx er information was gathered from notes made 
by her grandmother, Mrs. A nn( Sherlock) hays, who was born in 
Bertie Co. N. ., 1806. Mrs. Mays stated that her notes 
made from recollection of what her mother, Jane (Devancy ) Sherlock 
(1777-1858,) daughter cf Alice I Ld said. 

Botes on the ; ', Mrs. tnn 

, fr lory, . Information given her 

by her mother, Mrs. J .ne Jevaney Sherlock,. 

, -, came fr< ' o ^orth 

Carolina acout 1745-50. Lived first at -iat :k, . ., 
moved to Franklin Co. Bear Louis! irg. He married, wife's name 
lldren as foil 
Alice, - l . Devanej ( . , 

died ' -a Tin Co. , 

ices, married d acob Waddell, lived and died in Fran : 

larried Joshua Perry, 
...Tied Peyton, 

married ^ sepl: Terrell, 

carried -"at Gheairs, moved to Murra; ^o. ?enn., 

, descenda:::^ live In .Vaco, 


/■led into the tfilson fa Lly. . Perrells 
aoved to Virginia, Tor my mother's cousin, Tolliver 
Terrell'of Virginia, visited his relatives in Norht Carolian 
and created a lasting impression on my mother, then a young 
;irl, by his handsome personal appearance and the splendid 
black horse he rode. A nephew of Benjamin Aish came to visit 

Prom Pennsylvania, but returned. The harshalls of Kentucky 
were relatives and came to visit grandmother Alice when my mother- 
pi . They came in carriages and horses a ;ht 
servants. My grandmother ^lice had plantation an' servants. I 
often visited there with my mother. .7s lived in Bertie Co. 
deed in North Carolian shows that Benjamin Eush agave land to 

rejton. The Rush family married into the 
Perry, Terrell and "Hi son families. 

Alice married Ihomas Jen , renchman, per - 

'he name corrupted to . v 
Colonel in the Tory ar , en in ~'r . 

1 50 aged 104. Children of Ali Ins Qe- 

: , -lies, '"argaret, ., , min, 

, Jame, 

, in Be or 
■led -eal, died in Mississi] 
Alice i reorge Br 

arried Soanlan, m. . , ; 

.arried in Virginia, lived in j Co.; 

rn 1777, married 3e t , . M.C. Af- 

ter his de , she move ... , .... j.cas 

and died 185S in her daughter's , -Mrs. An , L'J-in, 
Texas . " 

. Jruger said furt . 3 some errors in t , 

ther had forgotten a great deal, and remembered no 
■ other wrote it as it. grandma wrote to Mori 

Carolina for early records, but was todl the Court .case had burned 
all records lost. My grandmother, Ann Sherlock , as horn 
in Bertie Co. N. C, 1806, married John Mays, of Maysvill , ., 
1827, died Sequin, T xas 1882," Signed, Anne Darden Cruger. 

: « •- -:' - 3h, 

;orn probably anon- the older children. She married Enoch 

rent to Georgia. He Is said to have served 

.volution. ,Ve find record -. _ a nklin Co. 

•Villa ds, p. 298, of a deed from ' och 

Stringfellc , irt Peyton , Aug. 11, 1774. .: ave no 
record of scendants. 

5. Molly, , 

1 ill in- l; ... . Lng 

of her descendants, but sev L . 
Williams ' . is, true to the Sou . ern 

. .. Palmer, herself an old 
letters concern^ Lly connection! , 

p, apparently, 
eration, it Is sa:; . 

,r said in a letti - 

sister to Alley's children." In another part of 
>e found Williams , id record of some Rash-Williams deaci .- 

iv of Benjamin Rus] . 1 l ilcy 

, married Jacob .'/addle, or ,,'addell. in list 

of taxable a of Bute Co. N.C. 1771, .^cables. His ill is 

found in Franklin Co. N. C, Vol. 2, 17: p. 69 ( N.C. Hist, 

dated 20 . 39; estate to be kept together until youngest child 

is 21. Loving wife co have equal share forever, or l/o for life. 
Execs. .;ife, and sen 

In Inventories and sales of estates 1806-1839, Dec. tern 1831, 
Petition c£ Frances <Vaddell, ' of Jacob Waddell, for division 

•oes, etc. She elects to take l/o for life. 
Names children as Willi* , jamin, John, , Christo- 

pher 3: , ["homas, A] , - of Peter Debnan, ^ames, Noel and 

Llliam an. . , heirs of Joseph decea; , 

William Robards her attorne; . ited. 

deed from Wm. Plummer to : . h, 1794, - the 

land adjoined the land of Benjamin ■ .; . 

am indebted to I is? ] elly for the list of the children of J acob 
and Prances (Hush) //addell, which folic 

1. 1, lorn 1778; 

2. Pattj Id 311, r i 1730; 

3. . $11, c rn 1783; 

1. phlS 11, born 1785. .Ye not Lnven- petition b] iVilliam and Joseph 

5. Thomas ., addell, jorn 1787; 

6. Benjamin .'.'addell, born 17: ; 

7. Alec .Yaddcll, corn 1792; 

8. : .. rn 1795; 

9. James ..addell, born 1797; 

10. Jacob .'.'addell, born 1799; 

11. Susannah .Yaduell, 'n 1801; 

12. Lucy . . 11, born i 

13. J addell, born , married Major Peter [ 

and had ii . Lldren, three, Z 1 ox, Jacob and 

luey cned in the petition. , married her 

cousin, 3r Brooks, con of CftPistop sh) 

Brooks. 72 

2761 1